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XenoMagia v1.0.15 Mod Apk Dark fantasy RPG that depicts the story of you who are “wise men” and the beautiful girls who are “contractors”. All the beautiful girl characters can grow to the highest reality who speaks with full voice!
A child you do not need? Because there is no such Xenogama! !

◆ ◇ Story ◇ ◆
Full Voice Animation RPG which depicts a fierce battle with the wise men with disaster “Transcendental (Stigma)” that transcends humanity.

I will fight to deny innocence and save the world with girls with individuality.
When you get along with a girl, you gain various benefits such as status up, liberation of dedicated voice, change in appearance.


“XenoMagia (Xeno Magia)” is a “wise man” with the power to defeat and save the person “Evil – Stigma -” who is possessed by everyone’s negative emotion “Toga – Toga” And the story of the “contractor” beauty girls. All the beautiful girl characters are very individual
With sexual ability, you can grow up to the highest reality so you can adventure together with your favorite beautiful girls!


◆ ◇ What is “RPG Dark Fantasy [Xenomagia – Xenomagia -]”? ◇ ◆
Greed, jealousy, anger …… People called negative feelings that occurred to everyone, “Toga”.
Tired of the heart “Toga”, exhausted, despairing, mad, collapsing, someone who is possessed of “iniquity” appeared.
They awoke the brutal power and spread disaster to this world “Inis”.
People called them “a stigma” from awe and aversion.

The only magic that confronts such a disaster that transcended such humanity daringly,
There were legendary wise men who can use denial magic “Xenomagia”.

This is a record of a fierce battle between “the stigma” and the wise –


◆ ◇ Easy !! Full auto battle system installed! ◇ ◆
Battle is “easy full voice animation battle” that only supports full-automatic moving characters with skill by AI (artificial intelligence)
While using the special special skill which is the key to the strategy, it will punish “stigma”.
Let’s experience the new free sense battle system RPG RPG killing game that combines ease of play according to smartphone and unprecedented strategy, popular voice actor’s luxurious voice !!


◇ ◇ A large number of distinctive beautiful girls appear ◇ ◆
Let’s challenge a quest by strengthening a character


◆ ◇ Fostering system packed with abundant interaction elements that can be played even without charge ◇ ◆
– Reinforcement · evolution · arousal –
Let’s build the strongest deck by strengthening, evolving and awaking your character and weapons with the material (Seoul) acquired with quest !!
All the girls can train up to the highest reality!
You can enjoy games with no time to pay attention even without charge.

– Attributes · Style system –
In addition to fire / wind / water attributes, different types of styles (fighter / archer / magician) with different characteristics, the combination of the different types is varied! In order to create a deck according to your fighting style, Choose and cultivate type characters !!

– Training function –
Earn various status bonuses by collecting magic ore and raising LV of each style. You can nurture a style that suits yourself, or you can nurture each style in a balanced manner.
By strengthening the character, it is possible to advance the battle favorably with quest, raid boss, arena!

– Raid –
A powerful raid battle game!
Raid battle game with powerful battles and beautiful graphics different from normal battle
Let’s defeat weapon-equipped items that can only be acquired with raids by killing super powerful monsters with friends! !

– Battle Arena (PVP) –
‘Arena’ can participate with 5 characters, player vs. player’s interpersonal battle auto battle!
Enjoy an incandescent battle between the strongest characters you cultivated!
A ranking which is reset every week can earn a large amount of reward according to ranking.
At the beginning of the battle, cut-in between the leaders who makes the fight foreseeable is entered, and the battle is excited!
The battle goes crisply with full auto. Player’s ability to organize the deck takes the key to victory or defeat!
Players organize a party exclusively for arena and challenge an automatic battle with automatically matched opponents!
Combine a variety of different skills for each character, run up ranking with your own strongest party, win and get the best title!
※ The top winner in the rankings can earn a lot of netherworld that can be used in shops and gacha in the game.
※ Arena function will be released from player level 15.


◇ 300 gold feather stones! ! Release memorial & beginner campaign holding ◇ ◆


■ Release Memorial !! Beginner Support Login Bonus
Various luxurious items useful for adventure such as 300 equestrious stones will be given every day!

■ Beginner cheering campaign
In celebration of the official release various campaigns will be held sequentially that will greatly increase the appearance rate and number of acquisitions of “evolution material” “experience value” “strengthening material” “ma


1. Weaken the enemy
2. Improve player damage

This is the DMM game need to install the DMM Game Store can play …


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