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Wukong v1.0 Mod Apk 【Wukong States Is the debut single Moblie Game in Vietnam, West national war PK! And enabled millions of people fight! Become the third world hegemony!
3D gaming blockbuster debut moblie Stories】 【Wukong States , free metabolism PK country battle action! Beautiful 3D graphics, free picnic fighting, anger venture matchless skill, enjoy, experiment fight! Thousands of national and world scene dramatic battle! “Journey to the West” original “Love Ma Idol” mutual combat! Freedom to change weapons, preferences rather battle mode! There are many interesting things, play with interactive Friends! If you want to become King of the Three Realms? Hurry join Ma Than War of Stories】 【Wukong States c’mon! Vietnamese
= Features =
Ask Ma ※※※ fine, the characters “Three Realms” convergence ※※※
Ma, Love, Korea, Buddhist four races, in three worlds strongest Fate options! Fate moves Festival, promoted gradually, Spirit will help you compete promotion minister trailokya
Million people in the country ※※※ war, we love promoting galaxy paintings gather ※※※
Choose individual countries, strategic high through getting deviation of the administrators, technical and donor aid and disposition, and the heroes Friends of the kingdom, millions of people in the country battle intercollegiate as shocking rival league! Tien Ma disorder arms, everywhere is war!
Freedom ※※※ change weapons, the weapons Super strong intensity ※※※
Con, Delivery, guaranteed, Song Dao four weapons systems while fighting arbitrary change, occupational settings are not optional switch fighting styles! When dealing other battlefields will have different choices, each skill transformed a decision could change the result!
※※※ Nurturing the Spirit, frees most powerful war ※※※
In the game when rigging purple or orange and equipped with different kinds of hierarchical equipped, super-god forces would defeat one by military strength of the enemy! National war, darts and other kinds of strategies will help you yourself create separate attributes ultimate spirit, powerful battlefield without opponents, spirit in your hands with the whole world!
Friends Together wandering ※※※ trailokya ※※※
Arena, team battle group, the chart battle force! Friends together Romance war to the end!

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Wukong - Ngộ Không Kỳ Truyện
Wukong - Ngộ Không Kỳ Truyện
Wukong - Ngộ Không Kỳ Truyện
Wukong - Ngộ Không Kỳ Truyện
Wukong - Ngộ Không Kỳ Truyện

God Mode
x3 Attack
No Skill CD

How to install
Please install original and keep obb or you can download and take obb from apkpure then install my mod


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