WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom v2.0.8 Mod Apk


WorldNeverland - Elnea Kingdom

WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom v2.0.8 Mod Apk Enjoy a free life with love and adventure.
Quests, battles, item gathering, harvest, love, marriage, even raising children.
An easy-going, relaxed play experience.
Real life takes on new meaning.

This game is a kingdom simulator, with a vast kingdom that enjoys all four seasons, has a deep social system, and with people and animals all going about their lives. All the people in the kingdom are controlled by AI, not others online.
In Japan, it has installed over 800 thousand.
The best of virtual life simulation game.

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– Become a citizen of the idyllic kingdom of Elnea.
The kingdom of Elnea is a vast, peaceful land full of citizens.
The castle where the king resides is surrounded by sanctuaries, schools, markets, plazas, farms, ranches, arenas, and a sprawling river leading to the old town.

As a visitor to this land, you are free to greet the denizens, experience life in the kingdom, and before you will know it you will become a citizen yourself. Amazing encounters surely await you.

With a high level of freedom in the game, you can do anything that the citizens of this kingdom can do.
Go big-game fishing in the vast river, gather fruits or herbs for cooking, harvest crops from your own farm, or even explore caves for valuable metals or minerals for fuel.

Join one of the 3 martial arts organizations, win one of the many tournaments held in the arena, and become the hero of the kingdom.

You can befriend anyone in the kingdom simply by talking to them.
You can even become lovers with unmarried members of the opposite sex.
Get married, even have kids together.
Play the game forever, throughout the generations by playing as your own child.

– More Detailed Description
1. The Land of the Kingdom
The water source of the kingdom lies in the forests of the north, with the mountain range situated beyond that. In the south lie farms and ranches, and a large river runs through the heart of the kingdom.
Surrounding the royal castle you will find markets, temples, schools, arenas, and the new town. On the other bank of the river reside the Scholars’ Association as well as the ruins of the old town.

2. Gathering Items, Mining, Fishing, Field Work, and Ranch Work
You can gather herbs all throughout the kingdom, or catch fish in the river.
On the ranch you can brush the beast known as rudder and then collect its milk.
Each citizen of the kingdom is rewarded with their own field, where you can cultivate plants or gheat wheat.
There is also plenty of work to do through the many organizations.

3. About the Tutorial Mission
Viara, the tavern proprietress and Miara, the librarian both possess the knowledge required to thrive in the kingdom and will instruct you with missions.
They will instruct you in the ways of the kingdom and guide you through many unknowns on your journey from tourist to citizen.

4. When You Become a Citizen
Citizens receive their own home and field. At that point you can move from your room in the inn on the second floor of the tavern .
Be part of martial arts or farming society and even marry other citizens.

5. About the Seasons and Calendar of the Kingdom
One year transpires in 30 days, with the kingdom enjoying all four seasons.
The changing of the seasons brings rain and snow, the cultivation of crops, and seasonal fish for you to catch.

– Conpatibilty
Requires Android OS 5.1 or later. 3Gbyte Free RAM

WorldNeverland - Elnea Kingdom
WorldNeverland - Elnea Kingdom
WorldNeverland - Elnea Kingdom
WorldNeverland - Elnea Kingdom
WorldNeverland - Elnea Kingdom
WorldNeverland - Elnea Kingdom

– Unlimited gems
– Premium permanently actived
– No root detection
(if you get error connection when you purchase with gem just ignore it working anyway)


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