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World chain

World chain v1.4.2 Mod Apk Nobunaga Oda, Murasaki Shikibu, Himiko, Nostradamus, to Nightingale and Tut! ? Characters are more than 100 people!
Encounter as a “great man” who lived each of the era, a twisted bent history by someone rewrite (Amendment) case!

Sega give history chain scenario RPG “World chain”!

One day the world is broken, all of history has been lost ……
– The lost history regain! Story to find the history and contemporary ties!
– Refreshing preeminent “summons”, “hero awakening”! Re Vive action defense of a new sense!
– A closed city to explore, adventure part to deepen ties with fellow!

◆ ◇ The point here of the World chain! ◆ ◇

■ epic story that historical story and the modern school is crossed!
– Warring States period, the Roman era, spun encounter with the great men in the Three Kingdoms period … a variety of age.
· Appearance historical character more than 100 people! One after another added soon!
– Not seen in other games, also appeared Anna great!
Story of previously transcendence boss appeared! Kachinuke the boss brush your arm!

■ exhilaration excellent! “Re Vive Action defense” Battle!
And history of the greats on the “summons”, Kuridase the deathblow of de flashy production!
– Oda Nobunaga, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, the battle along with the Cleopatra …… heroes!
– Set the party in three different branch of an army, Michibike an advantageous combination to battle!

■ deepen ties with fellow! Adventure Part!
Shopping Mall, research facility, trying to explore the all parts of the game center …… Street.
Parent density is up with peers, gain new skills!
– Bonds not only deepen, also be the location of A New encounter …?

~ Prologue ~
Hero who woke up in the person of the vanished city.
The hand, do not recognize smartphone ….

History that has been twisted by someone.
It rewrite (fix) the force is equipped on its smartphone.

Same as rewriter (corrector) along with the Led colleagues as,
Throw oneself into a journey of more than time!

With the help of heroes of force, regain the correct history!

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◆ corresponding OS ◆
Android 4.2.2 or higher required

※ For in delivery Android7.0 (Android N), currently, it has become during the operation check.
In the case that has been updated to the OS of the terminal Android7.0 (Android N), since there is a possibility that the app does not work properly, update to Android7.0 (Android N) we ask that you please refrain.
※ Android7.0 concerning the operation of the terminal, which is an update of the (Android N) will be unsupported, so please be careful.

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* Registration required, basic free-to-play / part free-to-play


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