Wonder Gravity: Pino to Juuryoku Tsukai v1.1.2 (Mod Apk)



Wonder Gravity: Pino to Juuryoku Tsukai

Wonder Gravity: Pino to Juuryoku Tsukai v1.1.2 (Mod Apk) “I was supposed to be able to live in this sky … until I knew that ‘the lie’. ‘By Kobayashi Reiko’s original draft, [Gravity Master] and a truly dramatic Gravity RPG composed of [Pino] with mysterious power! Gravity adventure play part 1 that “the lie” spins, finally started. Original draft: Reiko Kobayashi Representative work: “Masked Rider Den-O”, “Sakai Sentai Shinkenger”, “Attack on Titan”, “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”, etc.

■ The story stage that the gravity master and small warrior “Pino” spin is a continent A boy named Hugo, who has no “sea in the sky” without gravity, goes on a journey, aiming for his partner, [Pino] second and the bottom of the world, [end-roll]. ~ Story Prologue ~ “I thought that we could live alive in this high-altitude world without continents and oceans … … until I knew the ‘lie’.” One day, Hugo came from an adventurer’s father I received a letter “I’ve reached the bottom of the world” and a log to the lower layers. But after that, for some reason my father dazzled his whereabouts …. Meanwhile, Hugo contracts with Neal who encounters strange power by chance [Pino] Neal, and Hugo who became [gravity master] becomes the bottom of the world because the scam of “scammers” worn by his father “End roll” I’m leaving for However, the danger of hiding in the sky and a mysterious organization called [World agency] blocked the way of the Hugos …. Discover the fascinating characters and the secrets of the End Roll that you will meet in different countries in different colors of adventure. An unknown air travel of gravity adventure play that “a lie” spins now-.

■ Characteristic characters who meet in various countries that color various adventure story stories that attractive characters weave. Strange surprise development awaits the main character …!

■ 10 vs. 10 gravity space real-time battle A large number of gravity users gather and manipulate pinots with different world attributes and types of “astroballs” developed in gravity space, and aim for the strongest gravity users with guild members! Win the game twice a day and aim for the top of the “Astroball World Congress” to decide the strongest gravity user!

■ We welcome Mr. Reiko Kobayashi to the RPG script draft draft prepared by the gorgeous production team, and the gorgeous staff including the opening animation “Studio M2” and the game sound “Proquion Studio” participate.

■ A large number of popular voice actors are appointed to luxury voice actors CV!・ Ayumu Murase ・ Yuki Uchiyama

・ Lina Sato

・ Ike Otani

・ Luka Matsuda

・ Kappei Yamaguchi

・ Keihei Takeuchi ・ Ryohei Kimura

・ Koichi Yamadera

・ Takahiro Takai

・ Yuji Horie

・ Joriharu Nakata

・ Marina Inoue

・ Takuya Eguchi Takehito Koyasu-Sakura Ayane-Mamiko Noto-Saori Hayami-Kazuya Horie-Akemi Akesaka (Sorry, Order)

■ Opening theme song SPLASH !!!


• Wonder Gravity (Wongra) is recommended for such a person!

・ I want to enjoy the full-scale RPG game for free

・ I want to play the RPG slowly with one person ・ I like the RPG but I also like the match game

・ I want to compete with other players in GvG (guild battle)

・ I want to enter the guild and make friends I want to enjoy PvP with my friends, I want to operate a cute character, I get tension with a favorite voice actor CV, I like real-time battle games, I want to combine decks with my own strategy, PvP and real-time battle If you like, If you want to fight with fellow members of the guild, If you want to play games with characters with cute little characters, If you like battle games, If you want to compete with friends in interpersonal battles, Popular GvG (Guild game ) If you are looking for a new GvG (guild game), if you want to play RPG strategically If you want to build a deck in combination-If you want to enjoy the battle scene with flashy 3D & graphics-If you like to think about capture patterns and strategies according to the opponent’s deck or party-If you want to play online with players across the country -If you are looking for a free RPG & multiplayer game-If you want to play a game with cute characters or cool characters-If you are looking for a new game of Sega-If you want to compete in the guild game rankings-Sega game If you have played in

・ If you want to enjoy the smartphone game basic free of charge

■ Android OS: Android 5.0 or more model: Android 5.0 or more models

※ For all terminals equipped with Android 5.0 or more, it does not guarantee the operation. It may not operate normally depending on the performance and specifications of the device and the usage of the application specific to the device.

※ We may have time for correspondence to the latest OS.

Official site: https://wonder-gravity.sega.jp/official

Twitter account: https://twitter.com/wonder_gravity
【新作RPG】ワンダーグラビティ ~ピノと重力使い~
【新作RPG】ワンダーグラビティ ~ピノと重力使い~
【新作RPG】ワンダーグラビティ ~ピノと重力使い~
【新作RPG】ワンダーグラビティ ~ピノと重力使い~
【新作RPG】ワンダーグラビティ ~ピノと重力使い~
【新作RPG】ワンダーグラビティ ~ピノと重力使い~

1. Enemies can not attack
2. Unlimited Burst

Install Steps:
1.Uninstall Official Version (Which Download via Google Play Store)
2.Install and enjoy


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