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White Cat Project

White Cat Project KR v1.1.31 Mod Apk Confidence that the nose serves Pradesh
Action RPG is finally here !!!
It’s called won fingers RPG “white cat project”!

Free download, cumbersome registration or
You do not need complicated operation.
Try spreading from smartphones is now just play the traditional action RPG!

The world rests on your fingers!

★ smart phones revolutionize the control [Pointe Nikon] function with ★
You can easily manipulate the moves, attacks, skills at your fingertips!
Sew a magnificent world freely
Enjoy a spectacular battle!

★ Up to four [Play Party] together to enjoy the ★
Invite friends to each other, and enjoy the battle together!
Together with a friend not afraid!
Try challenging too powerful enemies!

[Town] ★ construction of your own flight to the island ★
That appeared in the game – Fly Island] has
To get the gold [gold mine], and strengthening characters
[Camp], we can build more!
Construction of buildings on the town to create your flying island of your own!

★ is [Soul board] ★ The key to character development
Fellow character of the adventure can be grown in the [Soul board]!
To open the necessary skills and abilities
Try to develop your own way!

★ Adventure Building a fellow character and friendship ★
Ginseng character as colleagues appeared in the flying islands!
It continued the adventures and stories intertwined in character and is open at elevated degree of intimacy!
Increasing familiarity with the maximum becomes a strong character to the [friendship Awakening]!

★ [White Cat] stories surrounding the [Black Cat] ★
“The beginning of the story is a very very long time ago, one day.
When in the continents of the perforations in the far left [back] and Cat [black] met,
A huge story leading to the distant future, open the curtain. ”

Official Cafe: http://cafe.naver.com/whitecatproject

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하얀고양이 프로젝트
하얀고양이 프로젝트
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