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Warriors Academy

Warriors Academy v1.0.59 Mod Apk Super mad Meng school start it! Legend, far away in the forest there is a small school, which is a group of children with great skills, they are the descendants of God of War! As a successor, they have the uncle’s sister’s father’s grandfather’s grandfather then left a powerful force, each generals are like a small steel gun as mighty invincible, a dozen ten, three seconds can Hit you!

Little fist hit all over the world! “Unparalleled Gakuen” main ultra-unique floating combo play, hundreds of Q Meng role is about to carry out a big fight in the air! Like seamless technology COMBO, blood fighting cool feeling players do not miss!

◎ Shenglong boxing! Wave fist! Easy to play gorgeous skills!
Rose dragon fist! Wave fist chunken! Familiar moves all come back! The simplest operation will bring the most enjoyable gaming experience, no complex moves table, three-year-old child will play, a finger can play super gorgeous skills! In front of the small myself do not run, eat me a wave of fist!

◎ floating batter! Unlimited Combo! Hit you do not want!
And the general fighting game is different, “unparalleled Gakuen” to fight each other to fly to the air after the attack! Each hero has a dedicated hero skills, different ways to pick up the big impact will be Combo number and damage, how can we take the most fun quickly combo pleasure, left to the players to experience!

◎ super Q-animal shape cap! Variety combination with free!
Super cute characters with hundreds of funny animal modeling cap, in addition to modeling cute, the different shape of the magic cap also boarded a different soul, if wearing a different magic cap will also have a different ability to add!

◎ do not edge again! Called on the brothers, hegemony you have me!
You’re not alone in battle! Do not win the battle, find a friend to help beat him together! Most social interaction, the most abundant activities are played!

“Unparalleled Gakuen” fan page link: https: //www.facebook.com/wushuangXY/
“Unparalleled Gakuen” official website link: http: //www.idplay.com.tw/html/wushuangXY/
“Unparalleled Gakuen” customer service mailbox: idplaycs@idplay.com.tw


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