Warring States v1.0.2.5 Mod Apk


Warring States

Warring States v1.0.2.5 Mod Apk Super-military military warfare, classic battle perfect reproduction, immediately war!

==== game features ====
• Japan’s Red Army Warring Warring States Strategy Tour
Ben’s character! The game will be faithful to show the orthodox strategy of play, whether it is the military command of the war or the internal resources of the operation can let the player in the mobile platform on a complete experience, feel the hands of the Warring States fun!

• Finger warfare! Tactical tactics, tactical deployment of a finger to complete
Furinkazan! Whether it is Takeda Nobunaga’s “its disease is the wind, its Xu Ruolin, invading the fire, immobile,” the military strategy or the military gods on the fir of the warrior warfare, can let the player in the fingers immediately operation, enjoy the layout The strategy and wits of the confrontation fight.

• Really restore the classic battle and lead the famous generals to the world
Win the world! The game reproduces the well-known battle of the Japanese Warring States Period. Players will command the well-known generals in these campaigns in combat, whether it is “the sixth day of the devil” Oda Nobunaga or “military god” Uesugi Kenshin can be incorporated into the hands of the players fight!

• Unique generals, weapons breeding system!
World cloth Wu! Under the days, all over the force! Players through the cultivation can develop a strong force of the generals, reserve system hegemony, training strength, in order to battle in the important battle! The game provides a unique generals and weapons breeding system, allowing players to create immortal legend of the Warring States.

• Well-known sound superiority sound, to reproduce the legendary generals of the gods!
Perfect presentation! The game will be the Wu Chuan Chuan through the city to light Hong and water island Daewoo and other well-known seiyuu dubbing, whether it is proud of the Oda Nobunaga, quiet and quiet Santo Nobuyuki and the dignity of the Ida authentic will be the perfect interpretation of their performance People fascinated by personal charm.


Skill cost is 0


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