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Wander Crown

Wander Crown v1.21.0 Mod Apk 【Introduction of Wangla】
□ ■ It is irresistible to chew “cooperation skills”! This is a refreshing RPG! ■ ■
Cooperative techniques that trigger with a combination of commands that hold the key to the strategy
Do a fancy direction, further battle up the battle! It is!
Through character relationships and characteristics of commands,
I’m looking for conditions to activate cooperation skills.

□ ■ Great adventure with friends of various races! Let’s deepen our bonds with nurturing and challenge for a special quest! ■ ■
Cutest girls, as well as elves and beastmen … until the end of the year!
A grand RPG running around seven continents with friends who cross the boundaries of the tribe!
Raising your parents’ density with fellows will generate “Character Quests” to train your favorite character!
With a dedicated character story, is it surprisingly cute of fellow? You may be able to know one aspect! Is it?
Further popular voice actor’s character voice is also implemented!

□ ■ Story ■ □
In a corner of the world composed of seven continents and small island nations,
There was an island disappeared from one’s people’s memory.

The name of the island is “Cresta” –
A place where hero who saved the world once called “the land of hope”.
However, the words of the hero and the name of Cresta have been forgotten by people.

The lives of the hero who live peacefully on such a forgotten island are broken by the person of the darkest sudden appearance.
In order to pursue the disaster brought by the dark, the hero will depart to the unseen land.

Elves and beasts, countries of dwarfs, countries covered with ice and desert …
Encounters with various countries and people will spin a new story –

□ ■ An attractive voice of popular voice actors excites the story!
Yuumi Uchida / Haruka Tomatsu / Norio Wakamoto / Aya Suzaki / Ayaka Fukuhara
Haruka Kimura / Yoko Higasaki / Koyama Koyama
In addition, many voice actors’ voice is also implemented!ワンダークラウン

Weak Enemies

1. Unistall Play Store version if you have it
2. Download Modded APK
3. Install and have fun
NOTE: Play the TUTORIAL with Play Store or APKPure version before using the Modded APK


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