Vovu v2.0.3 Mod Apk Ad-Free




Vovu v2.0.3 Mod Apk Ad-Free

Take a break, sit back, have a coffee and relax…


Vovu is a minimal puzzle game developed to play anywhere, anytime! You will enjoy cleverly crafted stages and simple game logic. Vovu helps you to keep calm thanks to its beautiful background music with sounds of nature and relaxing piano.


– Two different UI colors including night mode.
– Music and sound effects can be turn off / on.
– Easy to learn how to play.
– Each stage needs a new strategy to solve it.

✯✯✯ FAQ: ✯✯✯

Q1. Why doesn’t a semicircle respond (rotate) every time when I press the related button?
A1: If a semicircle touches a same color line, you can rotate it. If there is no connection (empty side of semicircle cannot touch a line), you cannot rotate.

Q2: When I press a button to rotate a semicircle, sometimes many of them rotate. Why does it happen?
A2: Because if semicircles are connected to each other with lines, when you want to rotate one of them, all of semicircles can rotate if they don’t disconnect (look at Q1).

Q3: Some of green lines are connected to semicircles but they don’t have a small green circle on them. What are they?
A3: These connections are incorrect. Thus you need to disconnect them using direction-changers.



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