Valhalla Front – Punishment Days v1.0.1 Mod Apk


Valhalla Front - Punishment Days

Valhalla Front – Punishment Days v1.0.1 Mod Apk A few years from 90% of the human race have been killed “LAST DAY”.

Start-up weapons that created from the skeleton of the invaders “remembrance machine (Spirits of War)”
The girls chosen for boarding to -.

Always forced to resort to weapons with the danger of “erosion”.
The girls think what desperate situation.

The girls “laugh” it “battle” of believe in the “dream” of each is so.

■ elite? Become a captain of troops, will to lead the girls.

The girls act at the same time axis as the captain.
Appointed his only of the “aide-de-camp”, will spend the same time.

Each character more than 400 species of day-to-day part by talented voice actors
Dialogue will liven up the game.

Rather than rarity upper limit of each character
All of the characters will grow to a maximum of rarity.

■ battle system to change the “war situation” in one finger

It was given to the captain serving as player of troops
3 types of instruction “formation change”, “assault”, “skill”
Promptly case quell the enemy coming to attack with a simple operation.

■ rich growth elements and the systems that support it
To obtain the material in the battle, fostering the control room.
Foster serving as its own device “remembrance machine” in the items taken in the control room.

Others can set their own by the time Ya “patrols”
Growth by the “likeability”. Customize, such as weapons
If you want to make sure that became a captain busy?

○ Note
At the time of the update and the initial start-up, it is some of your time to download data
There is a hunt case. Wi-fi such as stable under the communication environment
We recommend the update.

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1.weaken the enemy


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