Vacuum tube dolls v1.5.4 Mod Apk


Vacuum tube dolls

Vacuum tube dolls v1.5.4 Mod Apk
©Sony Music Entertainment(Japan) Inc. “Vacuum tube Dolls” is a three-dimensional floating city that the science of anti-gravity has evolved “SoraKyo spectrum” to the stage, rich drama of the doll-like robot player is a “vacuum tube Doll” and the hero a symbol of its scientific capability can experience is a doll-like robot remodeling simulation game.

○ game of the stage is the air of the city, “Akiba spectrum”
Unique culture by anti-gravity science is a three-dimensional city that developed “SoraKyo spectrum”.
The science force is the presence to symbolize, doll-like robot “vacuum tube Doll” we will continue to expand the rich drama in the story, which was the stage to “Akiba spectrum”.

○ nurture the strongest doll to suit your style!
Players to assemble your own PC, you can freely customize the doll to incorporate parts to enter the hand. Then, while discovering a variety of combo born by the combination of parts, we will continue to make a strong charming doll.
Strengthening the doll in the air war called “Gravity Bout” carried out by the anti-gravity city, compete its performance. It defeated Dole of rivals, will aim the strongest doll master.

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Recommended environment: Android4.4 or more
© Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.


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