Undead Killer Z v1.0.0 (Mod Apk Money)



Undead Killer Z

Undead Killer Z v1.0.0 (Mod Apk Money) Try one of the greatest post apocalyptic games. Undead Killer Z zombie shooter invites you to visit the ruined zombie world. Feel the deadly horror of zombie survival games with this zombie apocalypse app. The greatest of zombies games is waiting for you!

This zombie shooter is full of dangerous adventures in the zombie world. Play one of the most exciting zombie survival games. But beware, zombie apocalypse is the greatest world disaster. And there is no safe place from all these zombie waves.

All citizens of your hometown turned to the Dead Walkers… You are the only survivor in this horrible zombie world. You regain consciousness among broken cars, burning houses and dead bodies
What a terrible corpse party!
Can you save your life in the zombie apocalypse? We’re about to find out!

– Choose from 5 unique characters to play this zombie shooter.
– Survive on two death arenas: a half-destroyed bridge and in a dark tunnel.
– Join the horrible corpse party;
– Deal with bloody zombie waves;
– Win the final battle against bosses.
– Visit the SHOP and get all kinds of weapons, from a tire lever to a machine-gun. Weapon arsenal in shooting games is rich.
– Refill your ENERGY: points regenerate automatically
– Interact with EXPLOSIVE objects on the arenas
Use the joystick to move, swipe left/right up/down to look around. Tap to use the explosives and kill zombies with one shot.


– One of the most exciting zombie shooter games in 3D: kill zombies and destroy all zombie waves;
– Rich weapon arsenal of a real zombie shooter: pistols and handguns to your taste; zombie shooter with lots of ways to kill;
– Fierce monster fights: lots of enemies and bosses on your way; try this most exciting of zombies games;
– Most danderous of the post apocalyptic games: insatiable zombie waves everywhere, kill zombies and stay alive.

All zombie shooter games are dangerous and exciting, but this zombie shooter turnes you to the most horrifying corpse party. Forget about casual shooting games. Explore the dead zombie world of Undead Killer Z, use different ways to kill and save Earth from the zombie apocalypse.

Undead Killer Z
Undead Killer Z
Undead Killer Z
Undead Killer Z
Undead Killer Z


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