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TS5 Legend

TS5 Legend v3 Mod Apk Join the adventure with Pato Yao. Along with the warriors from the Three Kingdoms. To fight side by side with you With the Tune-Base system you can choose to. Will play a warlord to fight on the front lines. Or is the consultant to command a battle plan in the background. Pick a position and then go out on an adventure!
[Featured system]
• Turn-based combat system
– Fun with turn-based combat system that can choose battle plan and command freely.
• All day Unlimit
– Stamina is out to fight, find and collect experience.
• Quest and Party System
– Players can create parties and fight with friends online.
• Cross Platform
– The ultimate system of freedom. It can play both on mobile and on PC.
• Convenient Community System
– Players can talk to other players to find a party or to find friends to adventure together with in-game chat.
[Game Highlights]
• Arranging battle plans and placing troops freely.
• There are more than 50 military commanders and consultants.
• Featuring the Three Kingdoms in the TS5 style, you have to be more exciting than you think.
• Easy to understand, playable with Turn-Base
• automatic battle system Easy to play
• Joint fight with friends online.
• Stamina runs out.
• Can play on both mobile and Pc. No hurdle to collect time.TS5 Legend
TS5 Legend
TS5 Legend
TS5 Legend
TS5 Legend
TS5 Legend

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Install steps:
1. Remove playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy


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