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TS5 Legend CN

TS5 Legend CN v14 Mod Apk【Game Features】
◎ through exciting time through the interesting story of adventure
To the history of the Three Kingdoms, with a relaxed and interesting point of view to start a series of adventure, so that players in the Three Kingdoms period of mind is no longer heavy, like the Three Kingdoms became worship brother? Go hand in hand in troubled times to break the name!

◎ 6V6 turn-based combat more tactical than tactics
Devour the most classic series of play – “turn-based combat”, this time swallowed 5 can be carried at the same time generals battle, together mighty on the battlefield; In addition, the “matrix method” is evolved to 9 grid layout, and then with the generals Exclusive stunt, you can receive the effect of breaking the trend of the enemy to reverse the war, bid farewell to brain combat together to enjoy a new strategy round play!

The most diverse generals to collect pipeline skills with their own
This is the perfect accompaniment to the “generals to capture” feature, in addition to this new search of generals, tavern recruitment, generals and many other features, so that players experience different ways to get the generals, the generals and the protagonist of “training” system design more Rich, free training more, want a world war fame it? Come and train your own unique generals Oh!

◎ Army Interactive new play real-time group war the most exciting
Community interaction and more fun, “Legion” launched activities, welfare system, allowing players to enjoy the daily donations to the regiment, grab the route, the Indiana Indiana, Army punch card, pay rates, Corps stores, celebrity blessing, send the Corps chest … , Through different ways to participate in the activities can also be rewarded, on-line, do not forget to use the Army interactive features Oh!

◎ classic live and then retain – activities Competition is not fun to play
Uphold the Q version of the past devour series style, more in-depth design interesting “activities” system, in addition to players can get game rewards from the game, but also through the level of mission to get the well-known commanders and a lot of experience Oh! In short, the activities of the system to ensure that you do not play rich.

※ “Swallow Heaven and Earth S” by the game software grading management approach, classified as supplemented by 12.
※ The game provides free download and play, but part of the game and services are subject to additional fees.
※ In order to protect your gaming rights, please do not believe, use other people’s behalf on behalf of the storage, so as not to touch the law.
※ Part of this game involves fighting episodes.
※ Please pay attention to the game time to avoid indulging.


Attack Multiplier
Defense Multiplier

Lets start talking about how to open and use the menu:
Do you see this cute little avatar in the screen right? She is our lovely mini Dal Dal (also can be called mini Yeowang because it’s easy to notice that it’s her in my avatar too). Take good care of her she will help you in your adventure!
She’s is the only door to access the menu, by clicking in her the menu will open and ofc can be used.
She can be dragged in the screen so you can choose where to let her while playing, you will notice that she doesn’t like to be dragged or clicked and will protest a bit haha.
To use the function you just need to click in the button of the function you want activated and you’ll see that the color changed and the label changed from “OFF” to “ON” indicating that that the function is now active, can be desactivated the same way.
To close the menu just click ANYWHERE OUTSIDE of the menu.

To open the menu settings click in the “?” button, the menu will show this window:

“RESET MENU” Clicking on this will reset the menu to the default theme and size.
“CHANGE THEME” Clicking on this will change the menu theme, there are 4 choices of themes: Pink/Pink (Default, my favorite ofc), Gray/Black, White/Pink and Pink/Black. Each click change the theme to the next one so just choose the one you like and save by clicking outside of the menu.
“SIZE -” & “SIZE +” Clicking will change the menu’s size, SIZE – for less and SIZE + for more. This is obvious haha You can save by clicking outside of the menu.

I guess this is all you need to know about how to open and use this (cute)cheat menu.

How to install:
Uninstall PlayStore game if you have it.
Download MODDED APK and install.
Have fun.


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