Trainer Carnival v1.0.4 (Mod Apk)



Trainer Carnival

Trainer Carnival v1.0.4 (Mod Apk) This is a game for those who want to be the legendary monster trainers.
Collect the familiar hundreds of monsters to compose your formation.
Duel with other trainers to win victory.
【Perfect repetition of the classic story】
Familiar monsters, familiar characters but entire new world! Experience the story in personally once more!
Play the every justice trainers role to adventure the monster world.
Continue the legendary trainer’s road by your own!

【Various kinds of Instances】
You can join many events and instances in game and get lots of rewards and materials to training your monsters. Challenge to gain rewards for growth and challenge more difficulties and grow higher again!

【3d Engine Game】
Trainers would travel in 3D View with 360 degree angle in the city
! Team would battle in 3D field and cast ultra skills with a close-up camera !

【Monster Awaken】
You can awaken your monster via awaken their Crystal, Orb and Key stone. Activate their special skill effects. Evolve them to new form and use the awaken skill upon your rivals.

【Unique Trainer Growth System】
You can train yourself to acquire more trainer skill and to be the best trainer to lead your monster team to the victory in battle apk + mod!
Trainer Carnival
Trainer Carnival
Trainer Carnival
Trainer Carnival
Trainer Carnival
Trainer Carnival

One Hit Kill
God Mode


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