TonTonPirate v2.5.3 Mod Apk



TonTonPirate v2.5.3 Mod Apk Join my crew!!
■ How much is my bounty?
■ Train your pirates and raise your bounty!
■ Ready to plunder the ships of your foes?

■■■■■Game Features■■■■■

■ Raise the anchor and plunder the riches! This is an RPG about bounties!!
-Pull, shoot and FIGHT!!
-A unique pirate gang of you own!
-Plunder ships and expand your territory!
-Steal and raid with non-stop PvP!


-Shoot your pirates over to the enemy ship with your cannon!
-It’s all about landing on the right place at the right time!
-Smart pirates will start engaging on their own!
-Wipe out and crush your foes mercilessly!
-Upgrade and power up your pirate ship into a floating fortress!
-Collect legendary treasures to become the notorious pirate overlord!

TonTon Pirates requires the following access for the purpose of providing optimal gameplay to the users.
* Phone number – READ_PHONE_STATE (getLine1Number): to provide friend connection from the account
* Contacts – GET_ACCOUNTS: to load login list for Google logins
* Storage – WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: saves cache data on SD card (auto login and other values)
* Read – READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: saves cache data on SD card (auto login and other values)
* Record – RECORD_AUDIO: sound recordings in the in-game recording feature—-


High damage
High HP

Attention : play game and find some item (weapon, armor…) then equip to your character then you will have high damage + high HP


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