Tiny Miners v3.0 Mod Apk


Tiny Miners

Tiny Miners v3.0 Mod Apk Dig deep, and drill your way to adventure! Tiny Miners are here to fill your phone with treasure (and dirt – lots and lots of dirt).

Tiny Miners is a game of survival, crafting, and fast-paced action. Send your tiny miner deep into the bowels of the Earth. Steer left and right to avoid obstacles. Gather up ingredients, and then turn those ingredients into tools you can use to dig even deeper!

Tiny Miners features include:
– Digging: Whether you prefer a shovel, a pickaxe, or a drill, it’s time to get your hands dirty
– Crafting: Combine any two ingredients to discover new recipes for top notch mining gear
– Danger: Protect the health of your miner while dodging hazards to collect spectacular loot
– Dead Dinosaurs: Dig deep enough and you’re bound to stumble across a T-Rex or two
– Clans: Why clash when you can dig? Work with your friends to earn big clan prizes

Dig deep. Play deeper.

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Tiny Miners
Tiny Miners
Tiny Miners
Tiny Miners
Tiny Miners
Tiny Miners

1. God Mode
2. Unlimited Diamonds – Only Increases When You Tap on Refresh Item Button
3. Characters Cost 0
4. Boosters Unlocked
5. Heroic Mode Unlocked
6. Anti-Ban (Untested)


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