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Three countries GO

Three countries GO v1.0.2 Mod Apk Year the most “funny” and “three countries GO” grand debut!

[Every day there is a good health] landing can get Zhao Yun, the next day to send Sun Shangxiang, three days to send Ma Chao, seven days to send Joe, thirty days to send God to Guan Yu, the three famous generals under the command! The game within the red envelope capricious, wishing the pool of free wish to ingot, Lucky cat only earn not to lose more! Play “Three Kingdoms GO” can also receive exquisite gifts, more surprises Well Please log in to view the game.

Fresh and tired of the style of Meng, comedy through the story, so you can do anything else to sell Meng cool. Meng fun style, reverse the story, only to create exclusive to your “three countries GO”.

Innovation strategy to fight, immediately big strokes free combo
New combat card system, with simple and convenient real-time operation, magnificent 3D characters and scenes, cool and smooth full-screen big move, overthrow the traditional card tedious, leading card + action hand tour new wave. Smooth and smooth operation, perfect high-definition fighting quality, so that fighting more pure.

Full three-dimensional voice, funny and funny
“Langya list” the original group of seiyuu team to join the game throughout the dubbing. With an unprecedented spoof plot, so funny and then a level. Regardless of the generals appearance, the story of dialogue or release, are Meng Meng da dubbing. Let the game show an unprecedented large texture, the story more fun!

3D cartoon design, cute infinite
The use of exquisite cartoon design, ultra-smooth skeletal animation, advanced real-time combat calculus and other leading development technology, creating a lovely 3D characters. Lu Chi plus stuttering Zhang Fei, poor strategy Zhuge Liang, playing temper and lovely Diao Chan … … the game in every generals have the most unique character, cool dress and dazzling appearance, you can not love To extricate yourself!

To be elegant and not dirty, messy through the comedy story
The game to the original immersive story experience, reversal through the spoof of dialogue, ridiculous trio wild history, thrilling epic fighting and other characteristics, for the players to show a “Duozi like dog, funny street to go,” the new history of the Three Kingdoms The

Chang Shuang epic battle, laughing books dominate the world
Do not play more games, just play a new! “Three Kingdoms GO” to bring you vibrant, fun happy game world, playing silly playing cool at the same time unified three! You will break through the limits of martial arts superior; gossip stone array, heroes test, the best place to quickly enrich the money, more fresh play please experience the experience of the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, The

Three countries GO, hey hey hey!

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1.) instant kill with a touch of a button !

1.) during battle, press the back button (next to your home button)
2.) don’t try this during tutorial, there are some steps you suppose to click !
3.) never tested on PVP or world boss or whatever, your turn to test

Install Steps:
1.) install mod
2.) play

Game is in Chinese, my usual line “I don’t speak the language”. Posts your issues here for others to help but otherwise your random clicking should be better than mine in order to play this game


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