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Tho San X

Tho San X v8 Mod Apk – Hunter X has continuous gameplay action, blood PK 24/24 fire will certainly satisfy those gamers who love action RPGs horizontal screen.
– Themed Rolling X tells the powerful Heilongjiang period awoke after 1000 years of sleep, threatened the peace of the Holy Land. In order to destroy evil and restoring peace, the most skillful warriors were assembled to hunt the legendary relic Ma Long defeated Heilongjiang attempt.

Their name is Hunter X.

*** 9 reasons below will make you love the game Hunter X:
1. Action continuous, hands tight guillotine has had eye
2. 40+ extremely diverse abilities
3. 3 class Rights, Sword, Master delight selection
4. 50+ fashion wing and how cool, how beautiful
5. mounts 10+ strong, ferocious
6. 20+ legendary beast, the dragon lion shall serve strategic support
7. PVP 1vs1 shown skill, strength hegemony
8. guild mode, the state of war, the full server Circus
9. Dozens of activities from climbing the tower, copy teams, PVP battlefield, caving, deep forests, escort robbery … Dance strategic objectives and Ma Boss Heilongjiang Horseman day.

If you’ve played the action RPGs such horizontal screen Permissions United Legends, Special Team Unknown Song welders Chibi or you will feel familiar when playing hunter X.

Unique differences hunter X gives you wings and is equipped with a mount for medium cool medium hegemony.

Note: If you do not enter the game please reboot !!!

Thợ Săn X
Thợ Săn X
Thợ Săn X
Thợ Săn X
Thợ Săn X
Thợ Săn X

Free VIP 5
more gold and items
DMG x20
Health x20


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