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The Lost Tomb

The Lost Tomb v1.0.3 Mod Apk To find a tomb
If you want to Tomb, you must first find the tomb; find the tomb seven tactics, keep in mind.

Formula one: the direction to find the tomb
Spring and Autumn Warring States buried hilltop, the Qin and Han Dynasties tombs buried mountain; Eastern Han Dynasty selected mountainside,

Pokemon II: see the soil to find the tomb
A kind of colorful soil called “flutter soil”, soil thin, loose soil, uneven, if you can find this soil, ten of nine can find the tomb.

Trick three: digging to find the tomb
If you see the soil there are mixed white small spots, and the color of the soil deeper, basically able to determine the tomb.

Quotations four: soil to find the tomb
Ancient graves will be sealed with a good soil called “rammed earth”, rammed earth water absorption is strong, after the weather, observe the soil, the more wet place on behalf of a tomb.

Codon five: smell soil to distinguish the DPRK
In addition to soil, digging, there are high people can smell the soil, by the smell of soil can clearly distinguish, different dynasties of the tomb.

Codon six: see soil Zhangui toward
Spring and Autumn is the red soil, the Western Han Dynasty backfill with loess; the Eastern Han Dynasty without yellow sand, Tang and Song graves more black soil.

Formula seven: the tomb of the DPRK
Shang and Zhou tombs on the large, the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States under the large; behind the dynasty change,

Tomb Features

※ Tomb of the story forever flow, the classic characteristics of the whole reproduction ※
Beyond the ghost blowing lights, more wins Tomb notes, “Tomb of the city” Tomb theme theme epic masterpiece, you must not miss!

※ eye-catching hand quickly hide trap, artifact magic hit dumplings ※
Thrilling fatal trap, elusive dead demon, relying on skill and equipment, unharmed Tomb.

※ gossip five elements is the key, organ puzzle real strength ※
Intricate maze, test the wisdom of the organs, both intelligence and intelligence of the people, can destroy the mystery.

※ touch gold captain heritage, follow the hand to find the dragon ※
Pirate log, the captain of the tomb of the hand, follow the guidance of predecessors, to help you quickly find the dragon.

※ visit the horror of the blood of the tomb, fighting the ancient heirloom ※
Tomb of the most blood of the tomb, buried with rare heirloom, if the success can be stolen, Ronghua wealth with endless.

Note: The software according to the Republic of China game software classification management approach is classified as: auxiliary 12 level

The Lost Tomb
The Lost Tomb
The Lost Tomb
The Lost Tomb
The Lost Tomb
The Lost Tomb

PS: Please use the lucky unlocker to crack the core


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