The Hero Sway v1.33.001 Mod Apk


The Hero Sway

The Hero Sway v1.33.001 Mod Apk ▶ Game Features

1. Light system!
– You can entertain the famous longevity of the Three Kingdoms you desperately want through the auction house.

2. Real time PVP
– Take control of your opponent’s land with real-time PVP and achieve unification.
– Promote occupied territory and defend the invasion of the ethnic group to receive special benefits!

3. Scenario Mode of the Three Kingdoms
– Story mode based on the Three Kingdoms and its affairs

4. Deputy Grand Opening
– 5 vs 5 battles that make up your own famous longevity

Experience the action game of the Three Kingdoms, which has never been seen before, such as the exciting warriors skill, and the diary that suppresses the enemy with a chill!

You will receive a variety of information and privileges at the official cafe.

※ Application access permission for game use

To access the app, you need the following access rights.

[Required access rights]
Set up an outgoing call: Collect the terminal information needed for login and customer interaction
Repository: Permission to download and save update files
Contacts: Permission to log in using your Google account information
SMS delivery: Use of event compensation such as coupon delivery

After you have granted access, you can reset or revoke access as follows:

[Android 6.0+]
Settings> Manage applications> Select this app> Permissions> Select whether to grant or revoke access rights
[Under Android 6.0]
Upgrade your operating system to revoke access or remove apps

▶ Official Cafe

▶ Customer Center
Hanbit Soft Co., Ltd.
Phone: 02-703-0743
9:00 am to 6:00 pm (closed on weekends / holidays)
Developer contact:
Address: 186 3rd Floor, Gosan Digital 1 Road, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul (08502)
Customer Support Center: 02-703-0743 천지를 베다
천지를 베다
천지를 베다
천지를 베다
천지를 베다
천지를 베다



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