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The Diary

The Diary v2.1 (Mod Apk Free Shopping) The Diary is a spin-off of The Letter – a horror visual novel. Join Rebecca Gales and Ashton Frey in their childhood adventures!

What’s New (02/15/2018):
+ New Entries!! Added Season 2 and Epilogue (English language only for now).
+ Added German language for Season 1, courtesy of Marcel Weyers (thank you!).
+ Various bug fixes


How to play:
– The Diary has a total of 16 diary entries. You need a key to access each entry.
– Each day, a key will be given for free, so don’t forget to play to claim your key!
– Currently, you can’t change the choices you’ve already made so choose wisely! In the future, we will add a patch that’ll let you re-select the choices.

– Sixteen diary entries/stories
– Power to change how each story will play out
– Cute art-style and over 100 colorful drawings

– Please support The Letter! You can download the game for free here:


“Two years ago, we released The Diary for the first time as a Valentine’s gift to our backers. This was, originally, just a small project to help promote our main game, The Letter, while it was still in development. We never really expected anything to come out of The Diary, so no words can express how thankful (and shocked) we are that after two years, it has garnered more than 100,000 installs and now has its own little fanbase.

We owe this to you.” – The Diary Epilogue, Developer’s Notes


IMPORTANT NOTICE: This game contains ads and in-app purchases.

ABOUT THE DEVELOPER: We’re Yangyang Mobile, a small indie team from the Philippines! We make beautiful, story-driven games. ?
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CONTACT US: For any concerns, feedbacks and suggestions, please email
The Diary
The Diary
The Diary
The Diary
The Diary
The Diary


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