THE CHASER v10.34 (Mod Apk)




THE CHASER v10.34 (Mod Apk) Strategy battle with puzzle RPG! Uncover the mystery of the story using strategies in a one-stroke puzzle RPG game of Match 3!

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◆ ◆ game summary [Puzzle RPG game that match 3 and RPG fused] Not only connecting the same type of panel in a single stroke writing, it is a puzzle RPG with a sense of tension that will quickly repel the enemy appearing on the board . If you do not delete the appearing enemy quickly, the player’s HP will be lost and the game will be over. As the enemy gets stronger as you move on the stage, it is the key to the puzzle cheats that the player’s ability and equipment are adjusted. You can also compete your score online with users across the country.

◆ ◆ Story A woman wearing a black coat quickly turns to the ticket gate in an unpleasant platform where hot air and moisture from the steam are mixed. A huge military state, Dublin has begun to gather its forces at Kildare, an important base for Continental Railways, in preparation for wars with its neighbors. The woman who leaves the ticket gate finishes the immigration, and gets on the bus bound for 13th Avenue. It seems that the diamond has been greatly disturbed by the snow that began to fall in the morning. In the eyes looking out of the window, the color of anxiety for the lodging that will come from now on was blurred. In this industrial city of Kildare, where a large factory for producing military weapons is lined up, there has been a series of cases where military engineers have been abducted by anyone.

◆ Worldview Puzzle The entire world of the RPG is expressed in a retro, steampunk atmosphere. While an incident occurs where engineers are taken away in the city of the industrial city of Kildare, the hero bermott and the “agent” that protects it get caught in the incident. The true nature of the mystery tracker “Bravo”, which is gradually revealed, and the reason why the main character is aimed. Graphic [attractive character design by Mr. Wakamatsu Kaori] We welcome Mr. Wakamatsu Kaori to character design, and it has become a puzzle RPG game in which each character is drawn attractively and uniquely. Each character is an important element that forms the world of the game. Sophisticated and beautiful character design transcends the game and creates an atmosphere like a painting.

◆ ◆ B BGM [main theme composed by Masato Koda] The main theme composed by Masato Koda, who works on many games BGM, adds further depth to the world view of this work. Contrary to the sense of urgency of strategy battle, the main theme that expresses the uneasy emotion of the heroine who decorates the main visual, colors the world of the puzzle RPG game as a whole.

◆ ◆ ◇ Operating environment [Android] OS 6.0 or more

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