The Adventures v1.0 Mod Apk


The Adventures

The Adventures v1.0 Mod Apk “The Adventures”, the latest Cute style ARPG mobile game of 2017. It is a 3D Western fantasy, engaging players in the conflicts and cooperation among the three Clans of the Lorant Continent. Through continuous adventures and collecting, players can experience the vicissitudes of history, the romance that transcends beyond cultures, and warfare against the ancient continent.

– Game Features –
【Extensive Landscapes & Exciting Adventures】
The Zur Forest, Tamar Sand Land, Stormrage Plain, Giant Stone Relic… From the forest to the glacier, from the plains to the sky. Sweeping terrains offer you the most exciting adventures.

【3D Non-locking Movement With Smooth Strike】
3D style with the non-locking mode, micro-operation with multiple skill combinations, connecting all skills with a freestyle to offer you the best fighting experience.

【Cute Pets Help You With Adventures】
Learn Skills, Pet Bonding, Melee Battles, Team Adventure… Bring your cute pets, prepare for battle. Remember, you are not alone.

【Thrilling PK Experience By Moving Your Fingers】
Arena, Clan War, Guild War, and Destiny Battlefield etc various PK Gameplays. Fight for your own name and the Clan.

【Cool Avatars With Multiple Styles】
There are different fashion styles with personalized combinations, offering you new visual enjoyment!

The Adventures
The Adventures
The Adventures
The Adventures
The Adventures
The Adventures

1.) vip 15 – no clue what your perks but feel happy that you are vip 15
2.) things unlocked – again no clue if this works or not
3.) god mode
4.) increase dmg

1.) dmg increase is proportionate to your stats.
2.) dmg and god mode mostly working everywhere (PvP only god mode working) and they are also applicable to your pets

Install Steps:
1.) install mod, put OBB, play

This is another variant of Brave Tale game under a new title and different dev. Cute cartoon-like figures. Check out Mini Heroes – Summoners War, or Brave Tales if you like this game. Pretty sure there are other versions out there too, clone of clone of clone, till you get confused which one is the origina


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