Terra Caravan v1.5.7 (Mod Apk)


Terra Caravan

Terra Caravan v1.5.7 (Mod Apk) ▶Why You Should Play Terra Caravan
・Digging is easy! Just tap the screen!
・Your level and damage increase infinitely!
・You get gold even when you don’t play!
・You can play whenever and wherever you want!

▶Terra Caravan Features
[How To Play]
(1) Tap to dig!
(2) Acquire gold to level up!
(3) Dig even deeper!

[Dig Underground]
Tap the screen to dig underground. Use the gold you acquire to level up Sharon and her friends!

[Recruit Friends to Help You Dig!]
Recruit and train unique and interesting partners. Your partners will dig automatically and their skill level will increase to make them even better!

[Acquire Gold Even When Not Playing!]
You acquire gold even when not playing Terra Caravan! The longer you’re away, the more gold you can acquire!

[Discover Powerful Artifacts!]
You will sometimes run across artifacts while digging that can increase your digging ability even further. Try them out once you find them to see what powerful effects they have!

[New Game+]
You can return to the surface (0m) once you reach 100m. Acquire iron ore to upgrade your artifacts!

[App Price]
Main App: Free
*Some paid content is available.
Terra Caravan
Terra Caravan
Terra Caravan
Terra Caravan
Terra Caravan
Terra Caravan

Unlimited coins.
Unlimited irons.
Unlimited rubies.

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