Tales Runner R v1.0.0010 Mod Apk


Tales Runner R

Tales Runner R v1.0.0010 Mod Apk We run together, we run together Allison!
More Terrorized Tales Runner R Season 2!

★ The whole nation running action, it is born with mobile!
– PC Online Tales Runner Tales Runner developed by the developer
– More upgraded graphics and cuteness!

★ It is a thrilling game with all the people!
– My victory is soon to win the team! Real-time 3 vs. 3 team exhibition Fairy-tale occupation!
– Competition to control the game, from friends to the game to Guild Wars!

★ Special! Stop plotting conspiracy!
– Story mode running through various fairy tales!
– Octopus Dad, Uncle Lizard, PC bosses of Teren remain intact! Survival mode

★ If you like, I’ll decorate my style!
– From costumes to accessories, let’s wear costumes for character-perfect characters!
– Talk with your friends in the square and play!

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[Optional Access Rights]
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[Withdrawal method of access right]
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Developer contact:
Nexon Korea Co., Ltd.

No. 256, Pangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do

Phone: 1588-7701

Business registration number: 220-87-17483

Telecommunication Sector Report No .: 2013 – Sungnam, Gyeonggi -1659
Selling company: Sungnam city
Developer contact:
1588-7701 테일즈런너R

– AI Stuck on start line


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