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Sword Kensin

Sword Kensin v1.16.2.1202 Mod Apk Game Recommendation (Legend of Martial Art)
(Legend of Martial Art) Encounter friends and foes in the world of fighting. Experience martial arts on mobile as no one will ever give up in highly-detailed Unity 3D graphics. Gain absolute insight of the world of the martial arts alongside with your friends in the battle world. Be brave to gather all martial arts for you to choose. Learn ultimate hardcore martial arts from the ancient generations. Discover the real experience of fights full of flesh and blood. Meet the dreams of martial arts together on over 400 mobile devices.

5 features of the game

[Enjoy the journey with the quality engine in U3D graphics]
U3D realistic fighting style – realistic graphics and settings deliver the most realistic martial arts. Ensure that players smoothly enjoy the hardcore martial battles.

[10 steps to kill without anyone giving up]
Discover the wonderful hardcore martial arts. Swords and spears strike through the heart without any restrictions. Enhance equipment and gears to increase your power to the max. Customize your character and upgrade various skills in your own unique style.
[]Warriors coming with hatred[
The realm of warriors, warriors with swords. Create your own martial arts style. Hack and slash through 3v3 battle mode, guild war and multiple-fighting mode. This will be an awesome gameplay for user to experience the PVP function.

[Hundreds of players fighting altogether on the same battle arena]
The game supports hundreds of players to battle at the same time on the same screen with the smoothest graphics ever thanks to the mountain Huashan, the world of fighting.

[Create your guild]
Gather the martial heroic warriors to build the undefeatable guild. Unique gameplay and rewarding system only provide you with the best challenges.

Join the hardcore martial arts! Experience the fighting game masterpiece!

Sword Kensin
Sword Kensin
Sword Kensin
Sword Kensin
Sword Kensin
Sword Kensin

1.) massive player hp (music off)
2.) massive attributes (defense, dodge, resistance, etc) (sound off)
3.) normal atk

1.) mod should work everywhere
2.) game made by Thai but plenty of language support including English, in-game has Indonesian language as well


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