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StraStella v1.8.1 Mod Apk “◇ univers RPG running simulation ◆ ◆ ◇
Strategic simulation woven by “Space x suits x pretty girls”
Fly over the battlefield with more than 250 suits and destroy the Imperial army!

Battle Take control of the battlefield! Strategy key Simulation battle
A row-based sRPG that requires a high strategy with a simple operation as the battlefield in the universe. Let’s organize a party with over 250 suits and go to the battlefield. We will change the course of the attack and win the victory according to ever-changing situations such as “enemy’s compass”, “destruction of the enemy army”, “liberation of the allies”.

250 Unlimited organization with more than 250 suits and attacks!
The team has 4 types of attack type “attack type”, “bomber type”, “sniper type”, “support type”. All kinds of “missiles”, “beams”, “balls” and other defensive offensive actions are carried out. The teams you choose depend on the party strategy of 5 bodies!

Univers Direct the beautiful girls running on a suit to the zafere!
As a captain of the Allied Forces, it is a story that directs beautiful girls of artificial life forms (= Pixie) who fight against the empire army and enter the battlefield with the universe. Can we come from above the fate that Pixies carries with us and have a peaceful future with the victory of the Allies?

G Deepen your donations with different Pixies played by great sound actors!
“Peaceful power” wakes up while deepening the bond by advancing Pixie’s own story. You should see the awakening and the original mortal work to be learned. You can also give Pixie a present or change the costume to your preference. You can also enjoy interacting with Pixy with the VR function!

<Audio broadcast>
Tea: Aya Suzaki
Puris: Rina Hidaka
Genie: Ayana Taketa
Rabbits: Suzuko Mimori
Emily: Sumak Uesaka
No Title abbreviations that are not in a specific order

◇ ◆ basic environment ◆ ◇
Supported Operating System: Android 4.4 or higher
※ Some models do not work even if they meet the environment.

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StraStella (ストラステラ)
StraStella (ストラステラ)
StraStella (ストラステラ)
StraStella (ストラステラ)
StraStella (ストラステラ)

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