Stars Destopia v1.2.5 Mod Apk


Stars DestopiaFeatures of “dystopia of the inn star”]

Stars Destopia v1.2.5 Mod Apk exhilarating! Full-scale action RPG ■ □
Select the One play styles from four different protagonists.
Nagitaoshi the demon in the exciting action, continue to break through the stage.
The enemy can be wiped out if the trigger the deadly skills!

□ ■ cooperation battle with everyone ■ □
Among to proceed with the main quest,
Multiplayer Quest occurs.
While a united front with other users, let’s proceed with the story!

□ ■ summon a fellow “shikigami” to become a dependable! ■ □
God of legendary people, spirits war as support characters “shikigami”!
It can summon up to a maximum of three bodies in a single play.
Grown shikigami with a characteristic ability,
Combination, trying to favor the fight!

□ ■ event-packed ■ □
It held a number of events such as Reidobosu or tower where you can enjoy in the multi.
If winning the ranking get a rare item or title.
The fight is even hotter!

□ ■ adventure story by the gorgeous cast ■ □
Deprived of the power and memory, four of the hero who was dropped to hell.
Why it was dropped to hell? Or Can you go back to the original of the world?
Story of unique characters weave adventure!

Yakumo cv. Atsushi Abe
Setsuna cv. Hitomi Nabatame
Phosphorus cv. Shizu Ito
Ouka cv. Ayumi Fujimura


The enemy weakened


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