Starry Night legend v2.0.09 Mod Apk


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Starry Night legend v2.0.09 Mod Apk

“Heroes, did you finally come?”
“This time, the fate of the world between you and your mind!”

2017 orthodox national RPG game – “Starry Night legend” strong debut! Retrieve the original RPG’s moving memories!

Korean development team for many years ingenuity made to the grand story of the plot, to build a perfect 3D RPG fantasy journey!
Fight it! Lead companions side by side! Save the Asturian world that is about to die

Heroes and the devil army years of continuous war, and ultimately get the lost sword, barely repel the devil. After a long period of peace, people have forgotten the history, lurking in the abyss of the devil, but secretly plan to come back again …

【Game Features】

▶ Korean style is endless
Korean artist to give you the most 100% pure Korean fantasy style! Every role lifelike, with you to explore an unprecedented RPG gaming experience! The sword suddenly turned into ashes, despair and nothingness again enveloped the earth …? With the plot started, found more terrible truth! The

▶ work together to fight the monster
In order to guard the important each other, three people in real time to fight together, together to destroy a devil army!

▶ young girl zero distance interaction!
Different personality of the beautiful girl? Travel with the United States girl day and night get along! Through the “touch” or collect 100 + shape to increase their strength! As you and she get closer and closer, unlock them for your thoughts.

▶ Fighting PVP Fighting Unlimited
The horn of the war, the goal is only one! victory! Against the challenges of other heroes, to win the highest honor, get rich rewards, the achievements of your fortune of the road!

※ It may take a long time to start the game after starting the game. Please wait patiently or connect to Wi-Fi until the download is complete.星夜傳奇

Damage X10
Skill without CD
PS: Installation is not successful Please remove the old version completely

After entering the battle screen on the left side of the screen there is an Open menu to modify the switch …


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