STARLY GIRLS -Episode Starsia- v1.2.1 Mod Apk



STARLY GIRLS -Episode Starsia-

STARLY GIRLS -Episode Starsia- v1.2.1 Mod Apk

☆ ★ development of the next generation simulation game! ★ ☆
“Starry Girl – Hoshimusume -”

☆ ★ “Hoshimusume (Hoshi steam)” × “G gear” × “Space”! ! ★ ☆
Become a captain of supergravity sailing ship “asterism”,
Together with the “vice captain” and “Hoshimusume (Hoshi steam)” us,
Special mobile weapons “G gear (Gravity Gear)” by manipulating, Aragai the fate of the universe,
Go back the shine of the star, it is the development of the next generation simulation game.

Delivery and management: Aeria Games
Planning and Development: Kadokawa Games
Director: Yasuda Zenmi

[Game system]
The mother ship to “asterism”, organized the “Hoshimusume” us and the troops of the fellow.
Boarded of another different type for each “Hoshimusume”, “G gear”, equipped with a weapon,
We will then sortie to the stage of the fight.
Battle scene is represented by a 3DCG, due to a special mobile weapons “G gear”,
You can enjoy real-time high-end battle in outer space.

☆ ★ Synopsis ★ ☆
AD 2110 years. Era of interstellar flight techniques have been developed to attempt to rush into a full-fledged space age.
The human race, in the middle of the Milky Way visible in the sky, suddenly, to witness the is open gaping large hole.

It embodies’s of the universe creation intention “Sutashia” is,
It was meant that initiated the invasion of the Milky Way galaxy that are of the human race.
The purpose of Sutashia is, all the Multiverse to black out (obfuscation),
To complete the one of the universe that is truly orderly.
At the same time it is when is the intention of the universe, everything is there,
That was also mean the disappearance of the Earth.

At the same time, some of the earthlings, girls were awake and accept the will of the star,
Begin to appear “star Lee Girls”. Starry Girl, known as “Hoshimusume” us,
With the ability to manipulate the dark matter “G particles” that exist in the universe, it was a special presence.
Gravity Technology Development Organization Grad (GraD), based on the ability of Hoshimusume,
Versus Sutashia for special mobile weapons “G gear (Gravity Gear)” of the research went underway secretly.

And now, you can become a super-gravity sailing ship asterism of the captain,
He led the star daughters to start a fight that cariostatic to invasion of Sutashia.

“Star Lee Girls” is, Aragai in the universe creation intention, is the story to regain our galaxy.

☆ ★ Character & gorgeous voice actors! (Titles omitted) ★ ☆
· To support the player “asterism” vice captain
Vice Captain: Nana Mizuki

· “Hoshimusume (Hoshi steam)” we
Sirius: Sumire UESAKA
Vega: Aya Suzaki
Sarugasu: Ayana Taketatsu
Terra: Saori Hayami
Fomalhaut: Saori Onishi
Antares: Mikako Komatsu
Acrux: M · A · O
Altair: Inoue ho flowers
Hyakutake (Baizhang): Ayane Sakura
Andromeda: Asami Seto
Aldebaran: Maaya Uchida
Koo Sea: Haruka Yoshimura
…… Other

– Holds the key to the story “Sutashia”
Tower: Kikuko Inoue
Death: Emi Ogata
…… Other

further! Gorgeous voice actors have appeared one after another!

Theme: “STARLY NIGHTS” (song: Sasaki Rico)

☆ ★ recommended environment ★ ☆
Android 4.2 or higher

☆ ★ other information ★ ☆

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Price: basic free (free-to-play)

© Aeria Games / KADOKAWA GAMES

スターリーガールズ -星娘-
スターリーガールズ -星娘-
スターリーガールズ -星娘-
スターリーガールズ -星娘-
スターリーガールズ -星娘-

Weakened monster blood


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