Soul Ark v1.13 Mod Apk


Soul Ark

Soul Ark v1.13 Mod Apk, a new Fantasy RPG world you’ve never seen before!

Travel to another dimension and fight for powerful legendary treasure.
Join forces with unique heroes to save the world, enjoy the deep story of war and friendship between each hero via comic mode.

♦Fight with your own style♦
Collect over 100+ unique heroes!
Strategize battles by combining hundreds of heroes’ skills with dynamic skill combinations.

♦Community Town♦
Meet with other players in a playground-style town and enjoy a variety of real-time events together.
Become a millionaire merchant by opening your own shop!

♦Various Game Contents♦
Find materials around town to craft special items for your heroes by hunting treasure, fishing, catching goblins, etc.

♦Unlimited Hero Upgrades♦
Rank up, limit break hero level and gear them up with high-tech weapons to make them more powerful.

♦Real-time Raid Boss♦
Team up with friends for the adventurous Raid Dungeon! Unite your powers to defeat the ancient monster for great rewards!

♦Become the strongest hero♦
Assemble the greatest team of heroes to fight real-time battles in Arena to be number one.
Conquer the fierce Guild War to become the best guild in Netsphere.

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Soul Ark
Soul Ark
Soul Ark
Soul Ark
Soul Ark
Soul Ark

High Damage
High Def
High HP


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