Sora to umi no aida v1.0.4 Mod Apk


Sora to umi no aida

Sora to umi no aida v1.0.4 Mod Apk ◆ ◇ Prologue ◇ ◆
One day, the fish disappeared from the sea.
The Fisheries Ministry will also test the space universe I planned more and more.
It was the birth of a space fisherman.
With the strengthening of the Equal Employment Opportunity Law, the voice of “fishermen also women” has risen.
And six candidates for the fresh Battle of American Space Fishermen were chosen.
This is a story depicting their growth.

◆ ◇ Enjoy it! Story part set in Onomichi ◇ ◆
“Main story” developed by six girls who became candidates for space fishermen and a variety of characters surrounding the surroundings, with a rich drama full of emotions and sorrows, focusing on the girls, “Candidate student story” drawn. The choices appeared everywhere, and the response of the characters greatly changed by the selection.
Let’s enjoy the story that spinning full-voice expressive richness and moving characters with the real scenery of Onomichi Hiroshima prefecture and shops etc. set in place!

◆ ◇ Space fishing part set in “Space Ikes” ◇ ◆
On stage in “Space Ikes”, candidates who partnered as “guardian gods” challenge to capture “ferocious” fish that has become ferocious! Get a strong guardian god, strengthen and evolve, challenge to capture big fish of the universe!

◆ ◇ exhilarating! Space fish capture action battle ◇ ◆
Advance the battle, when “Bungeji” is raised to the maximum, the opportunity of “Bun Turn”! Turning off guardian gods, super forceful & refreshing ‘splendid splash’ in space fish with a single shot! “Battle” is invoked with a certain probability after turning. Tap on the smartphone and continue on to the bun and continuous attack!

◆ ◇ Cast introduction ◇ ◆
Takahashi Hanabayashi (Spring of Kurocho) / Rika Tachibana (Mr. Nobuno Murakami) / Hana no Hana (Ruby · Azumi role) / Suzuki Momoko (Lake Sakuraba) / Masaki Yone (Role of Makiko Momoko) / Kazuyoshi Kisaka (Kannen Hashi)
Masaru Ukita (role Kotabe Ukida) / Naoya Uchida (role Kurobeke) / Aiko Horiuchi (role of Kojiro Tanuki) / Aki Mayama (role played by Kudo Suda) / Wataru Takagi (role played by Rejuvenol) / Takahiro Sakurai (role of festival conspiratory) / Asakawa Yuri (Narumi Takako role) / Masashi Isao (role as Matsushima Geniko) / Qin Yuki (Kenya Atsushi) / Momono Haruna (Mariko Sakakibara) / Toshiaki Nishikawa (Rika Midorikawa) / Mai Nishikawa (Mina Udagawa) / Eri Tomizawa (Hinata Shinkin Department) and Haruka Nagashima (Shimogami Mochizuki role) etc.
※ In parentheses are the character names played

◆ ◇ Character design ◇ ◆

【Supported Terminals】
Android 5.0 or later
* Some terminals may not operate properly even if the above conditions are satisfied.


1.weaken the enemy’s blood


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