Sid Story v2.7.7 (Mod Apk)


Sid Story

Sid Story v2.7.7 (Mod Apk) [ Introduction ]
“I’ll wait for you at the Time Space Engine!”
The ultimate school fantasy adventure at Magic School ‘Lussid’ in a parallel universe

[ Features ]
★ Unique Sidians to accompany you on your adventure
High quality card illustrations produced by popular artists!
Over 700 Sidians to join you on an exciting journey.

★ Joy to the ear! Voices that brings the Sidians to life!
All star voices from popular Japanese voice actors!
Become immersed into the story with the vivid voices!

★ Simple yet strategic battles
Utilize the different attributes and skills to create the best team!
Mix and match the best strategies for your victory.

★ Magic School Lussid located in the Time Space Rift.
The boy became a new student at the school after being selected by the ‘perfect and flawless’ Time Space Engine. While uncovering the secret to the Time Space Engine he came across a girl. Her name is Moriarty. She is drowning from sadness from losing her memories. The boy promises to help her recover her memories and reach out his hand. The adventure of crossing over multiple parallel universes from Lussid starts here…

★ Always rowdy! Various contents with unlimited fun!
Travel all over the world and enjoy the story! Gate Exploration
Play together with other users for double the fun! Sid Student Council Circle
Nothing to fear if you are with your Circle members! Boss Raid Battle
The fun of collecting! Abundance of features that stimulates your collecting desires

Embark on your adventure to the Magic School Lussid, now!
Sid Story! The ultimate school of Adventure Sid Story Apk Mod !

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Sid Story
Sid Story
Sid Story
Sid Story
Sid Story
Sid Story

Menu mod
God mode ( enemy can’t attack )
Open mod before battle
* You need to turn off Auto Battle mode if you want to collect the card

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