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Shoumetsu Toshi

Shoumetsu Toshi v4.10.4 Mod Apk Destroy city 2

■ □ “FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST” Fullmetal Alchemist “in collaboration! □ ■
· Ed and Roy will appear one after another!
· You can get “Armor boy alphonse” at login!
· Quest Clear “Collaboration Character Gettie” “Envy of ‘Jealousy’ Android ‘!
– –
【Over 900 million DL worldwide】 Drama × Action × RPG
The annihilation city is a big update!
– A totally new story begins of a certain carriage man Takuya (CV: Tomokazu Sugita) and a girl Yuki (CV: Hanazawa Kana) who survived by the annihilation

※ You can continue using the data up to now

◆ Refreshing action of simple operation!
– Easy operation to play with tap and swipe
– Cross the city with brilliant action!

◇ New function! Multiplayer!
– Cooperation battle with up to 3 people!
– Fight against the mighty enemies with your friends!

◆ A dramatic story that follows the mystery of a disappearing city
– The story has become full voice so far!
– New story “Disappearance of the second time” distribution starts!

– CAST –
Satoshi Takahashi / Takahashi Etsunori / Takahashi Teruwa / Hanazawa Tomokazu / Sakura Yayaki / Nakamura Yuichi / Irino Freedom / Mai Fuchigami / Kimoto Hoshiko / Yamamoto Ayano / Asai Aka / Nakazu Mitsuki / Nishimura Taruusu / Kenji Fukuda / Ai Mi / Tsunosunosuke / Lance Berry Arthur / Arisa Kiyomo / Masaaki Inuwa / Noboru Nakamura

◇ Pushing forward with friends of various occupations, incandescent RPG!
– Approximately 1000 fellows such as athletes and DJs appear
– Add lots of gorgeous voice actor’s voices

– CAST –
Yumi Igarashi / Miku Itozawa / Yuki Uchida / Yorika Endo / Saori Ohashi / Ayaka Ohashi / Chihiro Kawakami / Tomoyo Kurosawa / Nobuyuki Sawashiro / Nobunaga Shimazaki / Aina Suzuki / Nanaka Suwa / Takahashi Miyumi / Takeaki Aisimi / Tanaka Aiki / Tokui Blue sky / Miwa Tomida / Sawako Hata / Kenji Hamamoto / Yamami Hanamori / Sadajo Matsuoka / Hideo Morishima / Taku Yatsushiro (in alphabetical order)
※ Nobunaga Shimazaki’s “Saki” kanji is correctly mountain + stand + possible
Scheduled to be updated in the future

【Recommended terminal】
Android 5.0 or higher (with some non-compatible terminals)
* Please understand beforehand that we can not respond to support and compensation etc when you use it other than recommended terminal.

Please be sure to check / agree on the contents of “Terms of Service” displayed at the first startup, please enjoy the application.


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