Shadow Stone v1.0.1 Mod Apk


Shadow Stone

Shadow Stone v1.0.1 Mod Apk

– Black Summon Stone (Shadow Stone) –

That stone calling monsters inexhaustively from the opposite world,
Once, it covered the world with the darkness of fear and despair … ….

I faced the mishap as well as the black summoned stone
One summoner with the power to call a warrior from another world.

And the summoner together with the soldiers of different world called up
By destroying the black summon stone, I regained peace to the world.

– And, years have passed.

A calm time makes people forget past tragedies,
Even the presence of the summoner was changing to one of the traditions.

However, it once again appeared in the world
Before the new black summon stone,
People will remember.

Once black despair that covered the world.
The existence of a mighty warrior that faced it.

The fight between the summoner and the black summoned stone will open the curtain again ….

– Now, now is the hope of calling.

▼ New sense sensation shooting RPG outstanding exhilaration has appeared!
Adopted a life system instead of a residual system.
Feel like a play feel like an action RPG.

▼ real shooting with easy operation!
Easy operation just to slide on the screen.
Enjoy a full-fledged shooting battle with one finger.

▼ Includes many charming characters!
3 Character rich character of class 3 attribute.
Let’s fulfill the character by acquiring the experience value by clearing the stage.

[Supported OS]
Android 4.1 or higher

++++ Basic Free +++++
※ There are some charged items.シャドウストーン

1. Weaken the enemy


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