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Sengoku Romance

Sengoku Romance v1.0 Mod Apk All users to (can be reset up to 30 times) Special 10 stations Gacha will receive a ticket.
Welcome 10 stations Gacha can be reset up to 30 times, a dream start is not a dream!
Two of the largest stars 5, Risemara need no!

Salvation canal troubled times, two of the men and women to continue looking for it, Liu Bei and Cao Cao of the encounter, love one, talk about killing each other, historical drama is also shocking deployment while familiar full, real-time battle simulation RPG challenge on a case-by-case basis while kneading tactics .

■ innovative way to play 3D simulation RPG
· Unique warlords × job compatibility × warlords characteristics × formation placed × terrain use = high strategic
Multi-line × attack avoid × skill timing = ever-changing Baltic
– turn-based simulation and combination of real-time battle brings tension, a novel real-time simulation battle is waiting for you!

▼ Add the overseas version of the latest features ▼
In military commander of the dispatch system, also enjoy the pleasure of growth when you are not playing the game!

▼ beautiful illustrations ▼
And more than 300 of the cute feel the innovative history, warlords of cool Romance of the Three Kingdoms is waiting for you to summon!

▼ surprise of the new sense of story ▼
Mikuni love story by 500,000 characters scenario of a large map free free quest, a number of warlords have their own scenario. It will uncover the truth hidden in history to clear all of the story!

Gorgeous voice actors war! Kana Hanazawa, Yoshino Nanjō, Kubo Yurika etc.

If there is a problem and advice something, immediately ne to contact me!

三国ロマンス 乱世を終える少女
三国ロマンス 乱世を終える少女
三国ロマンス 乱世を終える少女
三国ロマンス 乱世を終える少女
三国ロマンス 乱世を終える少女
三国ロマンス 乱世を終える少女

One Hit Kill
God Mode
Infinite Skill
Easy Win


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