Sapphire Sphere v1.1.0 Mod Apk


Sapphire Sphere

Sapphire Sphere v1.1.0 Mod Apk One star, two worlds. How can I save the crushed spatio-temporal?
In the world of “sapphire sphere”, human beings have a highly developed scientific civilization, but they pay a large price to excessively exhaust the life energy of the spirit, as the planet is about to die There was.
Mankind devised a plan to rescue the star that dies, repeat many trial and error,
Finally, in the “Ninth Plan of the Planet” we created a dimensional gate called “Aoi boundary”. Because the flow of time is gentle in the gate, human beings migrated there and tried to wait for the resurrection of the mother star.
However, in the first plan which was discarded in the past, some sisters who were remodeled in the plan were left behind by the dying stars. They created a new intellectual life entity with the will to be loved, and built a new paradise “Erin.”
Finally, the dimensional gate and the blue boundary are destroyed, and the war breaks out between the two worlds of human beings.
The promise and the story of rebellion (curiosity) opened the curtain here …

【Game Outline】
▼ precise story real RPG appeared!

A magnificent story that exceeds one million characters.
Full RPG and hundreds of attractive characters!
Collect members and form the best party for yourself!

▼ The splendid deity of deception skills!
It is possible to release a flashy skill dedicated to each character with one fingertip!
Equipped with a unique “deity” system!
When certain conditions are reached, brilliant deity skills are activated!
Defeat the enemies exhilaratingly and experience the next generation of games!

▼ The strongest bonds Challenge the boss game with everyone!
“Sapphire sphere ~ Southern boundary ~” is RTS (real time strategy) xRPG!
Let’s challenge BOSCHARA in cooperation with up to 20 players online!

▼ Character voice by gorgeous voice actors!
Tachibana Shinnosuke, Uchida Shuri, Amamiya Ten, Noto Mamiko,
Kuwashima Noriko, Koshimizu Ami, Nabatame Hitomi, Narita sword,
Suzuko Mimori, Tomoyuki Morikawa, Yukana
Other real power voice actors participate!
App body: free
Some paid items are availableサファイア・スフィア〜蒼き境界〜

– 10X ATK
– 10X DEF

Install Steps:
– Uninstall/Replace googleplay version
– Complete tutorial with Bypass.apk
– Install the mod
– Enjoy


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