Sanpoku – Sangokushi Battle Pocket v1.0.3 Mod Apk


Sanpaku - Sangokushi Battle Pocket -

Sanpaku – Sangokushi Battle Pocket – v1.0.3 Mod Apk Cute Kyara rampage!
A totally new Three Kingdoms Puzzle RPG that you can enjoy the magnificent story of Sangokushi at any time with smartphone!
“Sanpoku – Sangokushi Battle Pocket” (sanpoku) appeared!

◆ SEGA presents a new sense board type puzzle RPG ◆

Combine the deck with four warlords, move the warrior with your fingers and grab the enemy feel good! It is!
Make full use of your own strategy (skill) system and wipe out enemies!
Easy but deeply, I will not stop if I start doing it! It is!

Multi scenario where the stories of three British people intersect! ◆

A multi-scenario that traces the life of the three monarchs of Shu’s Liu Bei, Wei Cao, Wu’s grandchild!
There is also warrior secretary story that you can experience a special story that puts a spot on the subordinate warlords, a real authentic Sangokushi story unparalleled!

◆ The luxury voice actor team is arbitrary! It is! ◆

Ishikawa Kaito, Takeuchi Shunsuke, Horie Yui, Mizuno Inori, Qin Sawako etc. Over 30 people participate!
Apply top-level luxury voice acting teams to make the magnificent world of Sangokushi richly rich!

Ishikawa world person, Ochiai Fukuda, Sato Takuya, Takeuchi Shuzuke, Cho,
Kazuya Nakai, Sawako Hata, Hiroaki Hirata, Yui Horie, Inori Mizusui,
Shokutaro Morikubo, Hiroaki Yasumoto, Hiroyuki Yoshino, Tsubasa Kenaga, and many others! (Order of the Japanese syllabary)

◆ Together with the arcade’s Sangokushi Taisen war, double the fun! ◆

Because it’s Sega! It is! Game center “Three Kingdoms Battle” and “Sanpaku” are working in conjunction!
When linked, both smartphone and arcade are more advantageous, doubling fun!

Recommended terminal ◆

Please check recommended terminal from the following FAQ.

◆ Check the following for the latest information! ◆

·Official site

· Official Twitter

* No registration required, basic play free / partial item billing

さんぽけ ~三国志大戦ぽけっと~
さんぽけ ~三国志大戦ぽけっと~
さんぽけ ~三国志大戦ぽけっと~
さんぽけ ~三国志大戦ぽけっと~
さんぽけ ~三国志大戦ぽけっと~
さんぽけ ~三国志大戦ぽけっと~

1, high damage
2, high HP


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