Samurai Warrior Heroes of War v1.0.1 Mod Apk Money


Samurai Warrior Heroes of War

Samurai Warrior Heroes of War  v1.0.1 Mod Apk Money Play as a samurai hero in this samurai game and defend your land from being attacked by the evil Shogun. This intense fighting game will bring you back to the time of feudal Japan where samurai wars rage. Use your skill as a swordsman and cut through the enemy armies with your sharp katana. Be the ultimate samurai defender for your village and don’t let enemy warlords take over your land.

If you are a fan of samurai games or total war games, you will love Samurai Warrior Heroes of War. You will find engaging samurai gaming set in the ancient feudal Japan and intense battles waiting for you. You have the chance to be the battlefield heroes and cut through your enemies with your weapons and protect yourself with armour. If you prefer to be a swordsman, you can use a katana. You can also use bow, arrow, or spear depending on your preferences. You will find that becoming a samurai hero isn’t easy at all. The shogun armies are not easily defeated and you need to use all strategy and skill to win the samurai wars.


• Download our game for FREE to play one of the best first person samurai games on your mobile device.
• Delve yourself in the total war between the Shogun and other warlords in the intense samurai wars with changing weather.
• Enjoy the best HD graphics in 3D among other hero wars games.
• Earn gold to unlock & upgrade your weapons, armour, and horse.
• Be a skilled swordsman and fight with a katana. Alternately you can fight with bow and arrow or even spear on the horseback.
• Defeat other battlefield heroes in duels or fight the entire shogun armies.
• Use your special skills to gain an edge in a battle and fight through waves of enemies.
• Face off with ninjas, shoguns, and other evil warlords in the ultimate hero wars.
• Explore our dynamic map environment.
• Get bonuses in 1 v 1 duels, but you need to dare to risk you gold!

This is your chance to prove your skill and mettle in the intense battlefield. If you are a true samurai defender, you won’t be deterred by the threat of enemies you are facing. You need to master your Katana to be the deadliest samurai hero in feudal Japan!

Facing difficulty? Here are some GAME PLAY TIPS for you:
– Tilt your device to move and swipe to attack.
– Draw and swipe your katana in perfect timing.
– Upgrade weapons and armour every time.
– Select perks that will help you in the total war situation.

Prepare to fight for as long as you can using all your skills as a swordsman in the hero wars. Kill as many enemies as you can as a samurai defender while earning gold for upgrades. Use strategy and skill to master your weapons, whether you prefer to use katana, spears, bows, or even horses to fight the armies in the samurai wars. As you develop your skills, you can also unlock new weapons, armour, and perks that will help you survive. Customise you’re sword blades and hilts to create the perfect balance between speed and power. Ride horses into battle or run head long with fellow Samurai. Upgrade you’re bow to shoot enemies from afar!
This fighting game is very intense and has a strong risk system to test your mettle as if you are in a real battle! Fight through battle scenes with unique and dynamic environments. Can you fight in various challenging weathers or will the force of nature defeat you in this fighting game?

As a samurai hero, you have the option to fight the shogun armies or engage in a one on one fight. You can fight multiple enemies in battle scenes with your fellow battlefield heroes. Or you can engage other warlords in 1 v 1 duels.

Remember that no risk no gain. Test your courage and swordsman skill in Samurai Warrior Heroes of War and prove to everyone that you are the ultimate samurai hero!

Samurai Warrior Heroes of War
Samurai Warrior Heroes of War
Samurai Warrior Heroes of War
Samurai Warrior Heroes of War
Samurai Warrior Heroes of War
Samurai Warrior Heroes of War


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