Samgumho2 v1.7.0 Mod Apk




Samgumho2 v1.7.0 Mod Apk

▶ New content & passenger addition! Have fun with the original and different!

▶ Get support for growth and let the storm grow and grow!
– Storm treasure when new character is created Unconditional payment!
– The legendary gangster gangs and heroic gangs will receive support for the new storm growth!
– From Lv1 to ~ Conqueror lv40, a total of 120 levels of storm growth support promise!

▶ Survive to the end in the great 72 people! Large-scale tournament
– Watch out for monsters as well as enemies in front of you to survive!
– Challenge Jamie Palgang to the last one!

▶ A recruitment system that can increase both attack power and appearance effect simultaneously!
– Create more powerful characters through recruits!
– Strong skill, the appearance of the character, the effect is brilliant!

[game introduction]
Great fighting authentic martial art RPG Samcheon Ho 2!

▶ Together with five passengers! Great fighting authentic martial art RPG !!
– 4 passengers at the same time enjoy the opponent!
– Korea’s first quad-shell melee RPG Samcheon Ho 2!

It’s time to look at the end of the equipment! Set equipment is basic! Legendary equipment is essential!
– Samcheong Ho 2 6 sets of their own special set for the conqueror!
– If you wear all set equipment, you can have a different look than others!
– Legendary equipment appears beyond heroic equipment!
– Upgrade hero-level luxury equipment to legendary equipment!

▶ Jade that invites intense combat power!
– 10th grade jade synthesis truth! Experience different levels of combat power!
– Change your bump properties to match your desired attributes!

▶ New real-time PvP content festival, open competition!
– Now it is a simple and tedious ban! Always be nervous!
– Real-time alliance battleship system battles, unexplored battles open!

▶ It can be enjoyed by PvP and PvE at the same time!
– Find and kill the horsemen who control the middle ground!
– Challenge your friends or strangers if you fail to challenge them!
– Opening of the mastering system to enjoy both contents at the same time!

Meet a variety of game information, events, and treasures!
– Official Cafe:

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Developer contact:
Nexon Korea Co., Ltd.

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Phone: 1588-7701

Business registration number: 220-87-17483

Telecommunication Sector Report No .: 2013 – Sungnam, Gyeonggi -1659
Selling company: Sungnam city


1.) god mode
2.) massive dmg
3.) vip 15 – maybe visual only

Install Steps:
1.) download xapk, install original, pass through the first few tutorial !
2.) use LP trick to log into google+/FB if needed
3.) install mod on top
4.) enjoy

1.) massive dmg on skill use
2.) there are areas (e.g. boss fights) where your dmg goes back to original – server controlled
3.) after quest, sometimes when you go to main screen and you’ve got weird buttons, close the game and re-launch.
4.) unsigned apk provided here, use zipsigner if you wish to sign, the game has google integration so no clue if signed apk will work or not (didn’t test)

Game is in Korean, graphics is as always, awesome. I don’t speak Korean therefore you get close to zero help from me on navigating through the game, nonetheless we’ve got quite a large Korean community here (or so I believe), hence feel free to ask questions


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