Robber Race Escape v3.4.0 (Mod Apk money)



Robber Race Escape

 Robber Race Escape v3.4.0 (Mod Apk money)

★ Free Car Racing Game with Cops and Robbers! ★

★ We are travelling to Brazil! Discover the new environment of our racing game! ★

Jump in the car and race as fast as you can in this racing game! You have just robbed a lot of money and are driving on a highway road with the police behind you!

The cops would do anything to not let you escape and are following you so that you stop your car. No way! Speed up and slalom between the obstacles in order to survive as long as you can and leave the police behind!

You can smash the cops cars at the side to send them right into the wall! This is a endless racing game, so you can spend hours and hours improving your skills and become better at this game.

With a blocky environment, this game is perfectly adapted for kids (Boys & Girls) as well as adults wanting to have some fun.

You can choose between 23 different cars and start the race. Compete with your friends to see who can survive the longest in this amazing police chase game!

We have rankings of the best players so that you can compare your best scores to other players around the world.

There is also a multiplayer car racing game mode that allows you to play against your friends and other players!

Still not convinced to play this awesome cops n robbers game?

With our intuitive controls, you can easily control your car and slalom between the cops & obstacles. Only with your finger on the touch-screen of your favourite device.

The race being endless, more you advance, more you want to survive! And the best is that it becomes more difficult because the police becomes more aggressive so you have to go faster to lose them!

There are coins you have to collect during your robber escape in order to save more money!

Grab the Power-Ups that are on your way to become invincible for a time in which you can freely collide with the police and all the obstacles!

There are also magnets that allow you to automatically collect all the coins on the road!

There are ramps, buses and jumps on the road so watch out!

The cops are chasing you from behind but are also waiting for you with barricades! Be prepared to escape from this pursuit and survive your breakout!

Features of our racing game:

★ Awesome Blocky Cars!
★ Infinite racing, Endless fun!
★ High speed and bonuses!
★ Coins count!
★ Fun music!
★ Cops vs Robbers!
★ Great police chase sensation!
★ Speed, Jumps & Obstacles!
★ Racing game for Girls & Boys!
★ Unlock new features in the virtual store!
★ Many missions to complete!
★ Play with the police car!
★ Minecraft Skins included!
★ Game without Wifi Internet connection needed!
★ Free racing game!

Download our car racing game now for free and have great fun!

★ Lab Cave ★

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Robber Race Escape
Robber Race Escape
Robber Race Escape
Robber Race Escape
Robber Race Escape
Robber Race Escape


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