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Rick G Earth

Rick G Earth v1.1.3 Mod Apk
What is Rikujiji?

Mr. Gyuzu × Anthropomorphism × Strategy Milli-Gee = “Riku-ka-su”!

“Rikuji A-is” manipulates anthropomorphic unit “Gyusumu girl” (Rikusu) such as “garrison girl” or “weapon girl”
It is a strategy simulation game fighting with hex map.
You can enjoy strategic game play with less work.

Let’s release the land that was occupied by Magma Army with the power of GSD!

· Personified graphic of high quality sticking to every detail.
· Each character is full voice by gorgeous voice actors!
· Manufacture and customize real equipment!
· Many battle maps that can enjoy deep strategy with easy operation!

A worldview / story

Crustal movement suddenly hit the Japanese archipelago in the AD 20 XX AD.
Volcanoes of the archipelago erupted all at once, and it appeared together with magma
A special organism “Magma Army” which copied ground arms and tactics.

Magma troops instantly divided and controlled all over Japan.

Land’s elite escaped from the magmatic army’s battle, known as “GSD (Riku Musume)”
Start a counterattack against the Magma army with the new commander.

The fierce battle of GS Daughter VS Magma Army will now begin the curtain!

◆ What is special mammal “magma army”

An intellectual life group suddenly sprang from the ground.
Since it comes from an active volcano with magma, it is called “magma army”.

It has a much longer history than human beings, since its history, he has been monitoring humanity from the ground all the way.
Invading the ground via Kurushikka from Kamchatka with the hostility to humanity, capturing that ground civilization began to intensify underground resources as “invasion”.
The volcano full of exits, Japan was instantly occupied.

It has the feature that it can “mimic” the observation target, and it also succeeds in mimicking the equipment.
Since tactics also learned by observing human beings, they have almost the same strength as mankind.
It is similar to mankind, but this is a mimicry for invading the earth, there seems to be a true figure.

The magma army that mimics the equipment can be recycled as self-equipment by repairing it and repairing it.

Character introduction

◆ ◇ ◆ Fight against the elite “land Girls” “Riku Musu”! ◆ ◆ ◆

“Garrison girls” who anthropomorphized one platoon in the garrison / branch area throughout the country
“Weapon girl” who anthropomorphized the successive equipment of land track combat
Let’s organize the two types of “Girls’ Girls (Rikusu)” to make a brilliant victory!

◆ Garrison garage:
Character “garrison girls” who personified the platoon of the garrison / branch area.
Also participating in “Kisarazu Akane” whose name was “Pain Cobra”!
Character setting reflecting the features of each region is a must watch!
During battle, it is treated as a unit of regular department unit, and it can correspond to various missions by customizing equipment.

◆ Introduction of garrison and girls

· Kisarazu garrison location: Akane Kisarazu
· Ichigaya garrison location: Ai Ichigaya

And many others!

◆ Customizing garrison and girlfriend
Immediately after the start of the game you are using old equipment,
As you advance the game, you can acquire new equipment such as portable anti-tank cars, vehicles, transport helicopters.

If equipped with a vehicle it becomes a mechanized force, mobility improves.
Equipped with transport helicopters, you can move to any place regardless of the terrain.
The missile and rocket strengthen the offensive power, and the defensive power rises with the armored car equipment.
You can enjoy a wide range of customization combining dozens of equipment!

Equipment example)
★ 89 rifle
★ 110mm personal mobile anti-tank car
★ 91 type mobile phone to air guided bullet
★ 73 formula light truck old
★ High mobility vehicle
★ Light Armored Motor Vehicle
★ 96 Equipment armored car
★ Transport helicopter CH-47J


◆ Weapon Musume:
From the M24 light tank right after the war to the latest 10 type tank,
Character “weapon daughter” who anthropomorphized the old and new GSD equipment.
Beautiful girl and land gear equip themselves fusion of their design is a must!

◆ Weapon daughter introduction

· AH-1S / AH-64D
· 61/74/90/10 type tank
· M24 / M4A3E8 / M42
· 60 self-propelled 106 mm recoil cannon
· 74 self-propelled gun / 99 style self-propelled gun
· M240 MLRS / 75 formula 130 mm multiple interlocking rocket

And many others!

◆ Weapons and daughters customized

Certain weapon girls (mainly tanks) are customizable.

· Acquire equipment from the released area
· Magma army captured and dismantled
· Develop equipments using retained materials

You can acquire new equipment in various ways, such as, we can further strengthen weapon girl.

One example of equipment)
★ 61 formula 52 caliber 90 mm rifle cannon
★ 54.6 caliber 85 mm tank cannon S-53
★ 55


God Mode, Damage x10, Move Anywhere, Freeze Enemies & Weak Enemies


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