Revenge Order v1.30 Mod Apk


Revenge Order

Revenge Order v1.30 Mod Apk ARPG new mobile game, “Revenge order” to break the traditional hand tour ARPG limit, the new intelligent combat system allows players to show more fighting action with a difference on the phone, such as chasing, combo, defense, avoidance, so that you experience comparable to console action game of fighting and a sense of refreshment! The game will also support the vertical mode, let you one-hand operation, unlike other traditional phone ARPG game! Plus more game combines the weapons handover and one hundred kinds of skills group with elements and let you experience smooth and happy beheaded fight!

Game features:
– The new intelligent action system, to create rival console action game smoothly changing battle!
– Support for vertical and horizontal mode, breaking the boundaries of mobile gaming ARPG!
– with one hand, beat his opponent with ease!
– PVP! RAID! 3 VS 3! Society of war! Fighting which started!
– three heroes, six kinds of weapons, over one hundred kinds of skills allows you to mix and match! Both strategic and make the fight more challenging!
– Support Facebook account login, an account, mobile phone tablet at any time to play!

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The official Facebook page: https: //

Note 1: This game needs to authorize the use of media files. Above mandate as approved by the gaming device can be used as storage space for archive purposes. As described above without authorization, the game will not be continued.
Note 2: This game needs to authorize the use of mobile phones to access the serial number and address. Reads the device from the SIM card telephone number when the game starts but does not modify or delete any information above is authorized to access the main game created this account records to facilitate the system when you re-login to the game according to the last login records sign in automatically.
Note 3: In order to ensure that the game can run smoothly, it is recommended 450MB or more memory devices


Mod Menu
Dump Enemy ( You can’t use auto if turn on Dump Enemy )
High Skill Damage ( Affect to enemy too so please turn on Dump enemy if you turn on this )
No Skill CD
x2 Attack Speed


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