R.E.D v1.9.6 Mod Apk



R.E.D v1.9.6 Mod Apk 3 million copies sold in original novels!
3D action RPG based on the big hit novel “Inka” appeared in the smartphone !!
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An overwhelmingly readish scenario that allows you to experience the heavy world view of the original!
Do realize a refreshing 3D action battle of flashy effect !!
Experience the overwhelming gaming experience outside the standard as a smartphone!

■ “R. E. D (Red) ~ RAGE EXITIGUISH DAY ~” is such a game!
· Experience the overwhelmingly readable scenario which reproduced a heavy world view!
· Enjoy the refreshing 3D action battle of flashy effect!
· The main character’s avatar and equipment can be assembled freely, make up your original character only Kimi!
– Attract summoned characters by gorgeous voice actors and go on adventurous journey!
· Collect and cultivate various summoned characters and pets, let’s evolve!
· SoroQuest, Limited Quest, Cooperative Play, PvP, GvG, Raid Boss, Playing Maximum Volume!

■ Luxury voice actor participation
Tube separation (CV: Yu Hatanaka)
Tang Sudoku (CV: Jun Fukushima)
Kane Sword Mountain (CV: Katsuyuki Konishi)
Kaka (CV: Ayana Taketachi)
Rokuro (CV: Yamamoto hope)
Absurdity (CV: Ayuka Suwa)
Cold snow (CV: Yoshi Tanabe)
Song Qian (CV: Rena Kondo)

【Contact Us】

Management Secretariat: red.support@kongzhong.co.jp

If you have any comments or questions about the game,

Please contact the above address.

In addition, if you have set up spam filter etc, such as “domain designated reception setting”, “mail reception rejection setting from personal computer”, the reply may not arrive from the secretariat.

Please check the setting in advance.


* Please understand kindly that we can not provide support, compensation, etc. at recommended terminals.


1.God Mode
2.High Damage ( Active before you click to Tap to Start or you can active this by this method : go in game active then join any dungeon and pass that mission then the High Damage will have effect )
3.No Skill CD
4.Unlock Auto Skill
5. Mod Menu


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