Puzzle and Conquer v0.6.0.195 (Mod Apk)



Puzzle and Conquer

Puzzle and Conquer v0.6.0.195 (Mod Apk) [Bloody Elviria] has begun her hymns of war! A dynamic world awaits you! Join an ever-changing world, forge bonds with new allies, and conquer new lands to attain as the new [Land Master]. Every battle adds on to your strength and count towards your next victory. Your name shall be remembered forever!

Puzzle and Conquer is a strategic multiplayer game that allows players to play against each other globally. This game is made out of a combination of puzzle and war, giving players a unique gaming experience.

Embark on an adventurous journey as a leader: beat match-3 levels, unlock kingdom’s mysteries with Princess Millia, team up with other leaders and support each other to become the strongest of kingdom of them all!

[Conquer the world]
Prepare your army and defeat all other players from around the world and become the King of Elvira.

[Match-3 battle, strategic yet casual]
Finish the Match-3 challenges to unlock heroes, experience the epic storyline, and battle with players around the world.

[Build your kingdom]
Choose from various buildings, research paths, troop upgrades, and hero upgrades to grow your kingdom!

[Intense real-time combat at your fingertips]
A dynamic world made possible by real-time combat! Work with your allies and devise grand battle plans to conquer rival kingdoms, and ascend to the top as the lord of all of Elviria.

[Tons of heroes, countless combinations]
Each hero has its own unique skill. All heroes will have their own speciality in Match-3 and clan wars. Create your ideal team composition and conquer your opponents!
Puzzle and Conquer
Puzzle and Conquer
Puzzle and Conquer
Puzzle and Conquer
Puzzle and Conquer
Puzzle and Conquer

Enemies 1 Damage


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