Pokemon BT v1.0.2 Mod Apk


Pokemon BT v1.0.2 Mod Apk “Pokemon” is a new collection of pets to develop games, fly the general combat mode with unique skills to operate, so you easily beat the opponent! Highly restore the growth experience, take you to revisit the times classic! Caterpillar assembly, battle the park, the champion of the road, the classic play countless! More relaxed and rich new equipment play to help out, to lead you easily catch the wizard, challenge the Taoist Hall, beat the four kings …. go, the wizard king, I set it!

First charge 1: 600 continued to charge 1: 200
1, modified on-line gift 8888 Diamond + VIP5 +100W gold coins + gymnastics * 3 (300 physical)
2, modify the upgrade experience, give you a refreshing experience!
3, modify the card, lifetime card reward a substantial increase in the cumulative recharge to send! No additional purchase!
4, modify the sign to put the best pet, reward a substantial increase
5, modify the growth fund awards greatly improved, total back to drilling up to one hundred thousand!
6, modify the difficulty to reduce the senior copy, reward doubled!
7, modify the arena reward doubled!
8, modify the lower system conditions to reduce consumption.
9, recharge rebate QQ group: 122793720 [rebate effective day]


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