Poke Fight v1.0.3 (Mod Apk)


Poke Fight

Poke Fight v1.0.3 (Mod Apk) Mobile Game In the game players can enter the adventure, catch Pokemon, train Pokemon and fight with other players. Invite your friends to challenge the gym to get EXP and many prizes!

[Game Guide]
Poke Fight is an RPG game that encourages friends to come together. The game has a 3D adventure in the Pokémon world. Chat to chat line to enjoy the game fully. Come and practice the Pokemon and explore the Pokemon world together. Tomorrow is bright, waiting for us!

1. Sharp images make you feel like in the game.
2. Play with friends. Invite friends to fight hard.
3. Pokemon of the gods. Increase your fighting power.
4. Cool skill to you.

[How to play]
The game has divided the elements of the Pokémon into 8 elements as follows: earth, water, wind, grass, dark and light. Each element has an allergic reaction. So when you find a fire Pokémon You will have to use Pokemon water to fight. Click on the element icon to see which element is defeated.

Pokemon are both elemental and level. And it will be personal. The Pokémon’s habit has been randomly generated since the birth of 1 habit and can not be changed. Pokemon’s habits affect stats.

[Special Checkpoint System]
Many checkpoints Whether it is a gymnasium, desert gym, unlimited battle waiting for you to conquer.
[Returning to yesterday]
Skill familiar Famous Pokémon Sound Daydreaming in 3D

[Third-Person Shooter]
The 3D scene makes you feel like you are in the game.

[New Pokemon System]
There are animals to show their full style. Ride the animal ride out fight with Bo

Official Group: http: //bit.ly/2P9MgSb
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/PokeFight/Poke Fight-เอลฟ์สุดน่ารัก
Poke Fight-เอลฟ์สุดน่ารัก
Poke Fight-เอลฟ์สุดน่ารัก
Poke Fight-เอลฟ์สุดน่ารัก
Poke Fight-เอลฟ์สุดน่ารัก
Poke Fight-เอลฟ์สุดน่ารัก

DMG X 10
DEF X 20

Install Steps:
1- Remove original game
A- if you played with mod before, you can install new mod over it.
2- Download modded APK
3- Install modded APK
4- Enjoy =)


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