Pirates of war (Senokaizoku) v2.5.1 Mod Apk



Pirates of war (Senokaizoku)

Pirates of war (Senokaizoku) v2.5.1 Mod Apk full-scale ocean adventure drama “Battle of pirate” ◇ ◆
~ ~ Your pirates goes forward! ~~

◇ war of pirate The point here! ◇

■ pirate fleet battle of great power!
Pirate fleet VS pirate fleet!
“Organization of the fleet” “Pirates of skills” “shelling of the main gun” is affecting the war situation,
Large powerful real-time naval battle in the ocean.
Led by the fleet’s you!

Organize the fleet in a variety of ships and pirates.
Flying shell, smashed the ship and the pirates who go invaded,.
Personality to organize a convoy in the rich pirate and a wide variety of ship, assess the change to the war situation,
Whether defeat looming enemy!

■ Let’s make only of the Pirates you!
– Pirates of the site “safe house” trying to develop!
A “henchman” of the “Pirates” and support officers hired in the bar, work out in the training facility.
Adventure treasure the (resource) to get in, try to steadily develop the hideout!

· It will make a powerful pirate ship.
Built in hideout to get in the adventure variety of pirate ship (Quest).
And got a “blueprint” of the ship, let more and more strengthening.
Characteristics such as strong ship, the shield ship of shelling various …
In an advantageous organized enemy, Kachisusume the pirate fleet battle!

■ This was betting the freedom, the story of pirates.

While sailing the “7 Seas”, the world of pirates who freely live.
… the song that has been passed down to sing to the pirates.

Now only melody is remaining, the lyrics are lost, “song of the pirate of legend”.
… that its lyrics are hidden the whereabouts of the journey and treasure “large fleet Flag” of the “pirate Zesu of legend”.

Princess that inherit the lost lyrics, meeting with Ritisu.
Grand Voyage multiplied by the freedom of the sea is now, begins.

◆ official website ◆
Information of the Pirates of the war is packed!
«http: //www.sen-no-kaizoku.jp»

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1.Weaken the enemy
2. improve our attack and blood (boat)


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